What is an ESA Letter and How to Get One?

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What is an ESA Letter and How to Get One?

Posted By Mary Will     Jan 31    


It is approved and signed by a licensed mental health professional (LMHP). This letter allows an individual to keep an emotional support animal. 


This letter certifies that the person asking for this letter is in need of emotional help and that an animal is necessary for all the required emotional support. The need for these animals is stated as part of the treatment. 

Why is there a need for an ESA?

There are many people who experience some kind of severe or mild psychological or emotional difficulty in their life. In fact, according to estimates and surveys, every 1 in 5 Americans may suffer from a mental illness.


Most people with emotional disbalance do not like to be around people. In such conditions, people tend to seek help from Emotional support animals (ESA) and how to get an esa.

Such animals give positive, happy, and supporting vibes to the ones in need. These animals have proved themselves to be the best companions of humans. 


Moreover, esa letter online can help people to fight the symptoms of emotional and mental breakdowns. They can help to eliminate or avoid post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Who can Write an ESA Letter?

Most people request family doctors for an emotional support animal letter. According to the laws, it is not allowed for a general physician to issue such a letter. Only a licensed mental health professional can provide you with such a letter. 


It is necessary for the concerned professional to be a registered therapist, psychiatrist, physician, or mental health expert. He/she must be the one who is currently treating you for your condition. 


Once your consultation is over and you have been approved for an esa letter, you will receive your Doctor's Letter. This letter will make you and your ESA eligible for Airline Travel and Housing immediately.

Basic Requirements for an ESA Letter 

Getting an animal for emotional support is still taboo for a large group of people. Those who have knowledge about ESA are unaware of the legal procedures. Though the procedure for getting one is not very complex.


The formal procedure of getting an ESA requires the person to be officially declared as needy of emotional support. 


Moreover, the physician or health professional must be the one dealing with the case and must write the letter by him/herself. The letter should include the diagnosis and a valid reason that there is a need for an ESA for the patient. 


The medical professional must be licensed and be allowed to work in the respective state or region. 

How to Get an Emotional Support Animal Letter?

If a person is genuinely suffering from a condition in which ESA can help then getting one is not a problem. The person may ask the doctor for a prescription and probably the doctor will never hesitate if the case is authentic.


There is various more option that allows you to ask for an ESA prescription:

Online Issuance of a Legitimate ESA Letter

Many people do not feel comfortable seeking help from a doctor one on one. For such people, there are online services that are providing the facility of getting the letter online. 


This option may be risky since there are a lot of fake and scam websites on the web that only serve you till you make the down payment. One should be very careful while opting for this option.


The following are the simple and very basic steps you need to follow for the application of a letter online.  

  1. Find an authentic online source.
  2. Read about the company and see the reviews.
  3. Fill out the form with the required information.
  4. Get the results. 

Once you fill in the information about your condition and everything, wait for the response from the company. If they find you eligible, they will surely get back to you shortly. 

The following things should be kept in mind while asking your doctor for the letter:

  1. The doctor must have his working license and work permit to work in your state. 
  2. Make sure your doctor writes everything about your health in detail.
  3. The letter should be written on the official letterhead of the doctor and not on an ordinary page. 
  4. Make sure that the letter has the doctor’s verification signatures.

How to Spot a Fake ESA Letter?

The main thing which will help you identify that the company issuing you the letter is fake is that they will not make you wait for the results of your information. 

It will directly ask you for the payment and then straightaway proceed towards the issuance of the letter. Moreover, the letter will not have proper details and will look like an automatically generated esa letter for housing

Remember that an ESA letter needs a renewal each year. If a company claims that the letter they provide is valid for a lifetime, beware! It’s a scam!


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