Get Acquainted with Saving Schemes and RD calculator

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Get Acquainted with Saving Schemes and RD calculator

Posted By Fin tra     February 2, 2023    


Senior citizen savings scheme

Senior Citizen Savings Scheme (SCSS) is a great option for a 35-years old individual to pay for term insurance premium and investing in fixed deposits, recurring deposits and other saving schemes. This scheme takes into account the financial needs of the elderly in providing them with better returns than other saving schemes. This scheme is highly beneficial as it takes care of both investments and term plan needs at the same time while providing its subscribers with attractive return sums on their investments with competitive rates when compared to other saving schemes available in the market.

Fintra is a best finance platform provide suggestions and calculators, you can personalize your financial needs. Senior citizen savings scheme calculator computes the interest gained on your investment and the final maturity amount.

Byaj calculator

The Byaj Calculator by is a great tool for anyone looking to take out a loan or calculate their monthly payments. It allows you to input the rate number, the total number of times it's compounded per year, and the principal amount, along with the total time period of your loan. The calculator then takes this information to calculate your simple interest rate and give you a final principal balance after all interest payments have been made. This is a great tool for when you need to calculate regular interest payments and take into account compounding interest. Compounding occurs more frequently than annual interest, and can have an effect on the total amount that you will earn over time.

Fintra.Co.In's Byaj Calculator is a great tool for managing money principal and calculating your earned interest, taking into account simple and compound interest rates. It takes the sum of your original principal, time period, annual interest rate, and compounded more frequently rate to give you a final principal balance after all payments have been made


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Post Office RD Calculator

Fintra.Co.In's Post Office Rd Calculator is a free web-based tool that helps users calculate deposit returns and maturity amounts on their deposits with the post office bank or national savings. It allows users to enter their deposit amount and the type of plan they have chosen, such as savings recurring deposit, fixed deposit, etc. The Post Office RD Calculator then provides an estimate of the returns and maturity amount based on current interest rate. This enables users to assess their maturity amount more accurately before investing in any type of deposit account with the post office or bank. The calculator is easy to use and helps users quickly make calculations without having to manually compute interest rates and other factors related to their deposits.

Post Office Rd Calculator By Fintra.Co.In helps you get the most out of your savings by providing great returns, so you don't have to request a bank for this purpose.