Factors Affecting Milk Freezing Point In Milk Processing Plant

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Factors Affecting Milk Freezing Point In Milk Processing Plant

Posted By chirty jimei     November 25, 2018    


For the majority of Milk Processing Plant, the following factors affect the milk freezing point:
1. Genetic predisposition
As we have already noticed, the freezing point of milk is different due to some internal factors. You will notice that milk from high producers tends to have a higher freezing point than milk from low producers. This difference is due to the difference in solute concentration between the two milk samples.
Low producers tend to produce milk containing high concentrations of sugar, minerals, butter fat and protein. You can read the research results here.
2. Lactation
Milk ingredients vary at different stages of lactation. In the early stages of lactation, the amount of milk sugar in colostrum is high, while in the late lactation, salt dominates.
The solute present in the milk breaks the balance and delays the escape of steam from the surface of the frozen body. This will reduce the freezing point of the milk sample.
3. Freshness of milk samples
The osmotic pressure difference of the medium also affects the freezing point of the milk. Higher solute concentrations will result in higher osmotic pressure, which will lower the freezing point of the sample.
Acidification of milk causes the breakdown of lactose and increases the amount of solutes in the milk, further reducing the freezing point.
4. The health of lactating cows
As we have noticed, the osmotic pressure between healthy cows' blood and milk is constant. Any deviation in animal health can lead to the destruction of osmotic pressure balance.
As a result, the solute will leak into the milk, resulting in a higher concentration of solute, which will increase the freezing point (further lowering the freezing point).
5. Mastitis
Mastitis plagues most dairy farms. Studies have shown that mastitis increases the freezing point of milk because milk solutes are unstable.
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