Vaping A Quick Guide

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Vaping A Quick Guide

Posted By ie wholesale     Feb 8    


Presently, technology rubs off virtually every aspect of life – including smoking.
The need for a safer alternative to traditional cigarette smoking birthed the vaping concept. Currently, vaping has been all the rage, particularly among young smokers.

This article offers a quick vaping guide— including how to use a vaping device as well as potential benefits over traditional cigarettes.

But first,
What is Vaping?

Simply put, vaping means inhaling vapor through a vaporizer or an e-cig. So, while traditional cigarette smokers take in smoke, vaping releases vapor.

Vaping is widely thought an effective way to quit cigarette smoking. Indeed, e-cig and vaporizers are considered a healthier habit, than smoking tobacco.

Vaporizers Vs. Cigarettes

If you’re considering vaping, you may want to kick out cigarette completely. Vaping-only, among other benefits, will help you cut down on your nicotine doses.

How so?

Both cigarettes and vaporizers come with individual nicotine loads. Sustaining both may not be a healthy decision to make.

Excess nicotine in the body may result in certain immediate undesirable effects— from vomiting and nausea to dizziness and slight headaches.

So, you may want to crush your cigarettes for vaporizers— and stay healthier. Logically, it’s a smarter move.

Benefits of Vaping over smoking

Here are, but a few reasons for the massive shift from cigarette smoking to vaping:
• You’d spend far less on vaping, than on your typical tobacco sticks.
• Vaporizers do not release tar and other harmful compounds released by combustion.
• Vaping comes in a wide range of appealing fragrances that leave you, your clothes, and the entire space smelling clean and
•, Unlike cigarettes, vaping does not cause bad breath.
• Besides fragrance, vaporizers come with different exciting flavors – personalizing your experience with every

Using Your Vaping Device

Typically, it’s totally OK to get things messed on at first attempts. But not with vaporizers.

I mean, your first puff with your new vaping device could be three easy steps away:

Ensure battery is charged

Check your device package for a charger— often a USB cord. You can connect the adopter or cable to a suitable power source— perhaps, your PC’s USB port.

Add your e-liquid

Vaporizers come with a mini tank.

While pods come pre-filled, you’d have to remove the hardware at the top and pour in e-liquid.
If you’d be using your atomizer coil the first time, don’t vape immediately. Wait some minutes until its cotton wick absorbs the liquid content. Now, you’re cool to go.

Puff, gently.

Unlike your typical cigarettes, you may not puff your e-cigs too firmly. While vaping, hard puffs may offer anundesirable experience. In fact, being too firm on your vaping device could get you some e-liquids in your mouths. In the vaping world, slow and gently cuts it.

A Wrap
Vaping entails inhaling vapor through e-devices. Your e-cigs do not contain all the dreaded chemicals tobacco combustion releases into your body.

Vaporizers aren’t just a fun way to add convenience and class to your smoking game— It’s a cheaper and healthier way to keep puffing.