Concentrated coffee machine parts

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Concentrated coffee machine parts

Posted By casting jc     Feb 22    


The equipment you use in the daily operation of the concentrated coffee business is an indispensable part of your transaction. Understanding how they work together to understand how to use them.
Some experienced professionals may want to skip this basic term. But we can always learn new things, so maybe, maybe these readers can find something here.。

Group Head
This is where all the magic takes place. Sometimes referred to as the brew group or brew head, this component is more commonly known simply as the group. This is where you insert the portafilter when preparing to brew espresso.

This is the device coffee is ground into before being placed in the group to brew espresso. The name is easy to remember as long as you think of it as a portable filter (hence, portafilter). It's also known as "a filter handle and that thingy you put the coffee into".

The portafilter basket is the filter screen located in the portafilter. These come in both double and single sizes and are held in place by a spring.

Some call this the Americano wand or tap, but it's simply a hot water tap. Call it what you will--this is where you dispense hot water.

or dosing into the portafilter. Espresso Grinder Burrs are two round circular pieces that sit parallel to each other.One piece of the two rotates while the coffee is fed through the machine. The coffee beans are crushed between the two to your ideal size for brewing. There are two different types of grinder burrs, flat grinder burrs and conical grinder burrs. Both conical and flat are consistent in their grind size however conical burrs have a longer cutting face that can lead to lower temperatures and less variance over time. Also there is less heat buildup which can lead to more consistent shots in busier environments. These often can become dull over time through constant use. It is recommended you perform regular maintenance.

The doser holds the ground coffee for dosing into the portafilter.

There you have it--a crash course in espresso equipment lingo. Try to use this terminology in every espresso reference you make, and you will have it memorized in no time.