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What to Expect From A Chiropractor Massage Therapy

Posted By pragle chiropractic     February 26, 2023    


Chiropractic adjustments are high in demand these days. Blame it on the hectic life or increased screen time, a large number of adults are suffering from back pain, neck pain and migraine. Conventional treatments for these conditions can increase toxins in your body. Therefore, the drug free and side effect method of chiropractor massage therapy has become a preferred treatment these days. 
Anyone can search “the best massage chiropractor near me” and go to a top-rated doctor. However, not everyone is confident enough to sign up for the terrifying clicking sounds that are heard during chiropractic adjustments. If you are skeptical about your first ever appointment, then this post is going to be really helpful.  
What happens at a chiropractic appointment?
When you go to a chiropractor, a licensed and highly trained medical professional will treat you. They will use their hands or a special instrument to make spinal adjustments which are also known as chiropractic adjustments. The treatment procedure includes a physical examination, a discussion of your medical history, and varied tests to assess your posture and the underlying condition. 
Once the assessment is done, the Tallahassee Pain Chiropractor will use a special hands-on technique to do the adjustments. Apart from manual adjustments, the therapy session may also include massages, stretching and exercising. The entire session can be anywhere between 15 to 45 minutes long. 
Is it going to be painful?
During chiropractic adjustments, it is usual to hear a clicking or popping sound. The cracking sound is nothing else but the release of the gas trapped between spinal joints. The cracking noise is absolutely harmless and painless.  So there is nothing to worry about and the session is going to be extremely comfortable. 
Are there any risks involved in chiropractor massage therapy?
Chiropractic adjustments are drug free and side effect methods to get rid of the pain. Complications are very rare in this treatment. However, the risk of fracture is understandable if you go to an inexperienced chiropractor.
Make sure to go to a licensed and highly experienced Chiropractor in Tallahassee to minimize the risk of complications like isolated injuries. 
How long is the recovery period for the treatment? 
Chiropractic adjustments require some degree of pressure, hence slight soreness is expected after the treatment session. Recovery from discomfort is subjective to every individual. If you have a good blood supply then you will heal within 5 to 6 weeks after the treatment. For severe conditions that include disc and cartilage dysfunction, recovery can be longer than three months. 
Gentle chiropractic treatments are absolutely pain free and there are no risks involved if you go to an experienced professional. Stretching, strengthening and chiropractic adjustments can transform your life in ways you can’t even imagine. So stop worrying about the complications and start searching for the best Chiropractor Open near Me. You can schedule an appointment with Dr. Eric at the Pragle Chiropractic and Massage Therapy Clinic. He is a board-certified chiropractor with more than fifteen years of experience.