All about Three Stone Round Diamond Rings

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All about Three Stone Round Diamond Rings

Posted By Jennifer Barkati     March 3, 2023    


What is a Three-Stone Engagement Ring?

A three-stone engagement ring usually features a larger center stone flanked on either side by matching smaller stones. Other times, the three stones are identical. When innovated, it brought a storm in the jewelry market and took over everyone's heart.

What makes the journey of Three Stone Engagement Rings stand out?

While it appears to be extremely trendy and stylish, it might come as a surprise to many that the ring has a 2 century-old history. It was popular in the Georgian Era as well as the Victorian Era. Today, the ring enjoys the dominance of diamonds, but earlier all sorts of gems were used in it. 

But what about its evolving significance? 

DeBeers is given credit for advertising the ring as a symbol of the past, present and future. The three stones are believed to be signifying the loving past and optimistic future of the couple. This makes it even more appealing. 

Unique Ring, Different Meanings

Yes, as unique as the three-stone ring design appears to be, it has different connotations too. Here we have picked up three most relevant meanings that people identify it with: 

  • Family: The three-stone rings are often considered a symbol of family. The center stone represents the head of the family that is the parent while the smaller ones depict two children. It depicts a fulfilling journey of a couple as they become family. 

  • Love and Fidelity: There's a famous notion regarding three-stone rings that goes like this, the center stone is symbolic of love and fidelity between the partners. The other two stones are considered partners. 

  • Trilogy Ring: The ring is also known as Trinity Ring as they represent the Holy Trinity. The three rings are identified as The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.

Most talked about cuts and metals for 3-stone engagement rings:

While three-stone rings have always ruled the center stage in the jewelry market, they have undergone so many nascent ideas. From year to year, it experimented with unique cuts and metals. Here are some of the famous ones that one must know: 

  1. The perfect center stone is accompanied by two: If the center stone is emerald cut, you can style it with two round cut, trapezoid, or pear diamonds, showcasing the past and future. These go down well, complementing each other. 

  1. Three peas: Often people go for this option as well. It includes three diamonds/stones which are similarly cut. The only difference is in their size. The center one is larger while the rest two are small. This makes up for quite a symmetrical and neat look, ideal for the minimalist in you.
  2. Round cuts: Many people avoid risks and go ahead with two round-cut small diamonds. It is a safer choice as round cuts complement the center stone, no matter what shape it has. They look great with all the cuts and render the ring a traditional look altogether.

Top Three Stone Engagement Rings you can't say no to: 

  1. SCARLET - 14K WHITE GOLD: The Scarlet - 14K White Gold is a dreamy design that hugs your finger with 180° of shimmer! With 2 round cut diamonds, the scarlet ring resembles the traditional setting. Not to mention the brilliance of diamonds that complement each other. The ring is a perfect choice for anyone who wishes to keep it chic yet traditional. 

  1. SKYLAR - 14K WHITE GOLD: This three-stone round diamond ring is nothing less than royalty! With three major stones capturing the onlookers' attention, the 26 engraved small diamonds steal the show silently. The Skylar - 14K White Gold looks stunning in its symmetry and design. With round-cut diamonds and multiple setting options, it looks magical. 

  1. CHARLOTTE - 14K WHITE GOLD: The Charlotte - 14K White Gold is one of its kind among the other three stone diamond rings. Its sleek design, brilliant cut, and vintage touch call for appreciation from every diamond lover! If you are one, we would suggest you get your hands on this 60-diamond piece. This Charlotte Ring has brilliant craftsmanship that makes its design seamless and snag-free. 

Concluding note: 

If the three diamond rings from Daniel William Diamonds' three-stone collection fascinated you, you are yet to witness the best! A dynamic range of three-stone rings awaits you at the showroom. I would recommend going for a Charlotte -14K White Gold, owing to its amalgamation of a modern and traditional look, yet others are equally enchanting. So, when are you visiting?