Trendy Honey Collection Jewelry Pieces You Must Add To Your Cart Today
    • Last updated March 3, 2023
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Trendy Honey Collection Jewelry Pieces You Must Add To Your Cart Today

Posted By Jennifer Barkati     March 3, 2023    


An influx of trendy, chic, and abstract jewelry is flooding the market. From statement jewelry pieces on magazine covers to the unique jewelry of street fashion, modern jewelry reigns supreme.

We will be discussing one of those trending jewelry styles within this blog. And you will surely want to take advantage of this collection! Roll out the red carpet; the honey collection by Takar Jewelry is taking center stage.

Sneak Peak: Check out this enticing Gold Honeycomb Necklace for an idea of what will come. 


The Meaning of Honey & Honeycombs

Honey represents many human emotional values and symbolizes family, unity, and togetherness. Moreover, honey is a spiritual symbol of life's sweet and complex nature. For those reasons, people carry and wear honey symbols and jewelry regularly. 

Likewise, honeycombs also stand for the importance of family dynamics and unity. Additionally, honeycombs are also considered a strong, reliable, and geometrically complex shape. Hence, honeycombs also represent strength, uniqueness, and complexity while displaying visual simplicity.  Wearing honeycomb jewelry and symbols can bring to you and increase your heart health.

The process surrounding the creation of honey illustrates how "oneness" leads to bliss and efficiency. While bees are excellent constructors individually, a beehive demonstrates the miracles a family or community can perform when they work together.

Now you have a deeper understanding of the meaning and significance behind honey and honeycomb jewelry. So, let's go over a few key pieces from Takar Jewelry's Honey Collection.

Jewelry Pieces From Takar's Honey Collection That You Should Add to Your Cart Immediately

Sterling Silver Honeycomb Statement Band 


This honeycomb ring is the perfect statement ring for every occasion. This piece is an ideal gift with its bold, unique, and meaningful unisex design. 

The highly finished sterling silver is irresistible and makes it hard to look away. Sturdy and sporting a rugged symmetrical unisex design, this ring is the perfect jewelry piece for anyone to wear daily. You will never even need to worry about losing it because its unique shape yields a comfortable yet firm grip.

Honeycomb Statement Pendant Necklace in Solid Gold


This honeycomb pendant necklace is perfect for those who enjoy finding happiness hidden in the little things. The geometric honeycomb shape combined with classic gold colors makes this an excellent addition to every jewelry collection.

Able to be paired with anything from cute jeans to a sexy cocktail dress, this pendant necklace can be a quirky and fun addition to any look, no matter the occasion. Wear this beauty alone or layer it with other jewelry pieces for a heavier look.

Solid Gold Dainty Honeycomb Cut-Out Necklace

The simplicity of this dainty honeycomb cut-out necklace’s design will make your facial features, collarbone, and outfit stand out even more. At the same time, the complexity of the design's geometric structure makes this necklace stand out from the rest.

Make a bold statement with this simplistic yet powerful honeycomb necklace full of meaning. Whether you wear it as a single piece or layer it with other jewelry, you will surely turn heads.

Wrapping Up 

These are our picks for the best honeycomb jewelry pieces at the start of 2023! You can choose any of these to start your year off in a meaningful, classy, and unique way.

Like honey, these sweet necklaces and rings will light up your smile daily. You will never have any complaints about the jewelry's quality or design. Grab a piece from Takar Jewelry's Honey Collection today to add some sweetness to your everyday life.