Where to Get an Affordable HbA1c Test Done in Mumbai?

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Where to Get an Affordable HbA1c Test Done in Mumbai?

Posted By Redcliffe labs     March 3, 2023    


People combating elevated levels of diabetes usually depend on daily finger prick testing methods to monitor their blood sugar levels. Though these tests are vital to performing but only in the moment not for an overall measurement of blood sugar controls. 

It is determined because your blood sugar varies based on the time of day, your activity levels, and sometimes even on hormonal changes. Some people may have higher blood sugar in the middle of the night while others can have the same blood sugar levels during the day time. Though diabetic people remain unaware of their levels during significant changes in levels all the time. Hence, to tackle all the conspiracy it is necessary to undergo a HbA1c blood test. 

Though it is quite understandable that searching for a hba1c blood test in Mumbai can be a crucial task, why worry when you have Redcliffe Labs for all your diagnostic needs? And to make this blog more informative, it contains all the necessary information on the HbA1c test and how Redcliffe Labs is the best diagnostic centre to get an affordable HbA1c test in Mumbai.

HbA1c test measures 

The HbA1c test measures the amount of haemoglobin in the blood with glucose attached to it. As haemoglobin is a protein found inside red blood cells that works by carrying oxygen to the body, Hemoglobin cells are identified as constantly dying and regenerating, and their lifespan lasts approximately three months. If there’s too much glucose attached to your haemoglobin cells, you will have high HbA1c levels; if the amount of glucose is found to be normal, your HbA1c levels will be normal.

Why getting tested for HbA1c is essential?

The main purpose of an HbA1c test is to diagnose and monitor diabetes. And for people who have diabetes, the test is performed to indicate how effectively the chronic disease has been controlled over the last few months. So, people already diagnosed with diabetes are advised to undergo this test every 3 to 6 months, or more frequently if it is not controlled.

Besides those suffering from diabetes, this test is also helpful if:

  • You are pregnant.
  • Your treatment is being adjusted.
  • You and your healthcare provider are setting certain blood sugar targets.
  • You have liver or kidney disease.
  • You are obese.

An early diagnosis is effective to plan your treatment with your doctor, but to live a healthy life, getting tested with an HbA1c blood test in Mumbai or your nearby cities with Redcliffe Labs is not enough, especially when you have to make certain changes in your lifestyle, such as exercising regularly, avoiding alcohol, tobacco, and illicit drugs, eating a healthy diet, and taking enough sleep.

Avoid risk to your health; get tested today!

Now that we have determined what the HbA1c test measures and why it is the most effective way to diagnose, it is time to reach out to the leading diagnostic network in India, Redcliffe Labs. Being the most reliable laboratory, it includes various health checkup tests with vital parameters in addition to the glycated haemoglobin test in Mumbai. Here, with qualified experts, you will receive a customised test strategy at your convenience. You can depend on Redcliffe Labs to have 100% accurate findings and cover the full range of safety and hygiene. Schedule your hba1c blood test in Mumbai for Rs. 3520 today with just one click!