Here's how to reroll in Eversoul
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Here's how to reroll in Eversoul

Posted By rodeoneerer rodeoneerer     Mar 9    


Eversoul is the newest mobile game developed by Kakao Games. In Eversoul, players are put in a world that is being invaded by monsters that are going through a mysterious gate. Players, also known as Saviors, can get help from heroic Souls, however due to how long it has been that peace ruled over the land prior to the invasion, most of the Souls’ memories and powers have been long gone. It’s now up to the Savior to help the Souls remember who they were so that they can get back to their powerful selves.

What Should I Do Before Rerolling?
Before you reroll, we strongly encourage you to perform all of the following steps to maximise your chances of getting the character you want.

    Create several pre-registered accounts – we recommend doing this as it seems pre-register rewards will only be given to accounts that have pre-registered, making rerolling difficult if you haven’t.
    Play through the tutorial – you can speed this process along by skipping the cutscenes!

Eversoul Reroll Guide: How To Reroll?

    Launch Eversoul and sign in as a guest(top-left corner)
    Go through the tutorial
    Complete prelude Chapter 5 and claim tutorial gacha(infinite reroll, choice summon)
    Progress through the tutorial again after tutorial gacha
    After clearing the tutorial, go to the lobby, tap the mail icon in the top-right corner and claim the pre-registeration rewards(Everstone and X1 summon ticket)
    Go to the summon and spend the gacha currency, and hope for a good Epic character
    If you didn’t get any top-tier high-grade character, go to the settings menu(top-right corner of the game screen) -> account -> tap the withdraw option
    Aim for Epic rarity souls

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