Are Same-day Dental Implants Right For You?
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Are Same-day Dental Implants Right For You?

Posted By Victor Howard     Mar 15    


Dental Implants are the best way to restore your teeth problems. They work as a replacement for tooth roots. Dental implants give a strong foundation to permanent or removable replacement teeth. They are created to match your natural teeth' color and are created faster than traditional dental implants.


Your Aventura Dentist will examine your mouth and jaw to check whether you are a good candidate for dental implants. If you've any dental issues, your dentist will first recommend you fix those issues to build a strong foundation for dental implants. 


Once your mouth is free from dental issues, your surgeon will place the implant into your jawbone; this may take 3-6 months for the implant to settle into your bone ultimately. Once the implants settle, your dentist will place the crown on the Affordable Dental Implants to make your smile beautiful. This may take up to between 5 to 10 months to heal, giving a restored mouth, both functionally and aesthetically. 



Why should you choose same-day Dental Implants?


You must consider why you should choose the Same Day Dental Implants. You should prefer same-day dental implants because they are created quickly and on the same day visit the dentist. You don't have to visit the dentist twice unless you have any problem related to the implants. The results are quicker than the traditional one and the implants will look natural and feel like natural teeth. 


Therefore, if you replace a single tooth or multiple teeth, same-day dental implants are the best invasive option. You will get better results and fewer visits to the dentist's office. 


During the dental Implant procedure, titanium screws, called "implants," are inserted into your jaw bone. The dentist will then use a dental bridge, or individual teeth, to attach to the implants, traditionally on a second visit. Same-day Dental Implants offer a one-day procedure, instant gratification. 



How Do Same-Day Dental Implants Work?


Same-day implants are done in a single procedure, which lasts from 30 minutes to 3 hours, which usually depends on the number of implants the patient need. 


Same-day dental implants also need time to heal your gums and jaw, so dentists wait to place the crowns until the mouth heals fully. Your Dental Implants Office will provide you with a temporary tooth on the day of your implant procedure. As soon as your mouth heals fully, the dentist will quickly place the permanent teeth to replace the temporary ones, and you will get a full beautiful smile in one day. 


In Conclusion:


Same-day dental implants can help to restore your teeth and smile in a single day. The best part is that the dentist will take the impression and create the implants within a few hours. So you get a beautiful smile. But same-day dental implants may only be for some, so it is better to talk to your dentist before the procedure if you are a good candidate for dental implants. 


Schedule an appointment and discuss your issues with your Dental Office North Miami.


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