Buying Advice for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Uniforms and Kimonos
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    • Last updated March 17, 2023
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Buying Advice for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Uniforms and Kimonos

Posted By Kingz Kimonos     March 17, 2023    


A Brazilian kimonos jiu jitsu Gi is a uniform worn during practice and matches. A BJJ Gi has three primary components: the jacket, womens gi pants, and the belt. Unlike Gis for other martial arts, jiu jitsu kimonos typically do not come with a belt, so you’ll need to purchase one separately.
jiu jitsu gi mens are specialised piece of gear. Since there is a lot of pulling and grasping in BJJ, all Gis are durable. Compared to Judo or Aikido Gis, these are considerably more durable and feature a more form-fitting design. This is because training and rolling in Jiu-Jitsu, particularly wide sleeves, like those found in Judo Gis, are very easy to manage.
As a rule, cotton is used to make Jiu-Jitsu gis because of the material’s superior breathability, durability, and resistance to odour retention and microbial growth. Different weaves and reinforcements give the Gi varying degrees of durability and weight.
The Proper Way to Put on a BJJ Gi.
There are specific guidelines for donning a jiu-jitsu gi, which consists of a jacket and bjj gi pants:
  1. Wear pants first:

Put the folded side out and hold your hands in front of you again. Insert your legs through the openings and draw them up to your waist. Then, secure them by tying the elastic or drawstring around your waist with white gi pants.
  1. Get the jacket on:

First, turn the jacket inside out and hold it open in front of you. Pull on the gi kimonos for sale near me with your arms through the jacket’s sleeves.
  1. Get the belt on:

After putting on the jacket, secure the belt around your midsection.
What Size of BJJ Gi Should You Buy?
To get the ideal gi size, one must consider height and weight. A man between five and five feet four inches tall would wear a gi in size A0. A woman between four and four feet eight inches tall would be comfortable in a gi sized F0. If you’re planning on buying a gi, it’s a good idea to compare the size chart across different brands first.
In what shade of kimono should you train?
It’s easy to learn how to distinguish between colours. When training, you can wear anything you like. Bigger groups may have their official uniforms and require members to wear them. Colour, though, is largely up to you.
There is, however, a single fundamental guideline to observe. Take a white Gi if you are unsure of what colour to wear. You can always wear the tried-and-true black gi pants or blue if you’re not a fan. It’s fine to practise with any colour you like, but only the above three will go very far in most tournaments. Since most martial artists dabble in games, it makes sense to invest in a Gi that can serve both purposes.
Use your newfound knowledge of donning a BJJ Gi by engaging in frequent training. To learn how to wear a bjj gi kimonos, you can watch more videos or ask for help at your dojo.