What Is The Age Range Of A Toddler?

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What Is The Age Range Of A Toddler?

Posted By Eldon Broady     September 29, 2020    


Feeling like a bad mom because you don’t officially know the age range of a toddler? Don’t stress! This is a common question that many many parents have, especially when they’re entering toddlerhood for the first time from a baby. Sometimes it’s helpful to consult a toddler advice website for answers, but you can get the skinny on toddler ages here. If you are in search for a toddler advice website, click here.

When Is A Child Officially A Toddler?

A baby officially becomes a toddler at the age of one. At this age, your baby may begin walking and although his physical growth may start to slow down, his verbal and physical skills will really start to take off.

At two-years-old, a child is still considered a toddler. Although this stage can be difficult and is known by parents as the “terrible twos,” kids master an insane number of skills in a very short period time, particularly when it comes to language and emotions.

By age three, kids are in the very last stage of toddlerhood. Any toddler advice website will tell you that threes are way easier than twos (which is generally true), but this stage also comes with its own unique challenges. Three-year-olds may still throw tantrums when they are frustrated, but they typically tackle the challenges of feeding and dressing themselves, being ready for preschool, imaginative play with other kids, and even potty training!

What Comes After the Toddler Stage?

After toddlerhood, your not-so-little-anymore-one will enter the preschool stage. At this age, children are generally much more social and begin to establish friendships with peers at school, extracurricular activities, or church preschool. While some children may be ready for a formal school setting at the age of three, others may not be ready until age four.

Consult Your Doctor and a Toddler Advice Website For More Details

If you have questions about your child’s readiness for preschool or his development throughout these stages, you can consult a reputable toddler advice website and ask your child’s doctor for assistance. He or she should be able to provide you with detailed and individualized feedback on your child’s development with tips on what you can expect in the upcoming stages.

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