Nightmare will be sticking for good is made during Diablo

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Nightmare will be sticking for good is made during Diablo

Posted By Meade Dorian     March 24, 2023    


"Creating exciting, challenging exciting and engaging experiences for our players has always been top of mind for us D2R Items, so we're delighted to continue to carry this game going for the long haul," the blog post says.

In the past, the Echoing Nightmare was only available to characters who were seasonal and had players in a battle with the increasingly powerful spirits of Nephalem warriors who have fallen for ever-increasing rewards. To access the Echoing Nightmare, players need to have acquired the Petrified Scream from a Greater Rift Guardian and transmute it into Kanai's Cube in order to gain access to the Echoing Nightmare.

The announcement that the Echoing Nightmare will be sticking for good is made during Diablo's 10th anniversary, which Blizzard has also celebrated with a double bounty celebration that will last until season's end. When you've completed five bounties in the same Act.

Players will be rewarded with twice the number of HoradricCaches as they do in normal. Blizzard isn't revealing exactly when Season 26 will end, however previous seasons have generally run between 17-18 weeks. Season 26 kicked off in April.

Blizzard is set to release the free-to-play Diablo Immortal, the first mobile game from the franchise the 2nd of June. It will play on PC as well as on smartphones, and will include cross-progression and cross-play between platforms.

Diablo IV, on the other hand, does not have an officially announced date for release. Diablo IV lost its director last year amid the buy diablo 2 resurrected items ongoing controversy surrounding a state of California lawsuit accusing Activision Blizzard of fostering an perceived culture of harassment and discrimination towards women.