When you complete the prologue and arrive at the lobby

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When you complete the prologue and arrive at the lobby

Posted By Nanlina chen     October 3, 2020    


Without getting a meseta pso2 mag, I want this, must lvl 40 or subclass til someone asked me

Oof, yeah. The game isn't really good at telling you. Not everyone would like to perform every side quest in a game.

When you complete the prologue and arrive at the lobby, the match literally prevents you from doing anything, show you a movie, then force you to listen to the NPC who then proceeds to inform you the Arks Main Mission is the tutorial.

The Arks Main Mission tells you to speak to Afin (for fundamental palette usage), speak to Cofy (for unlocks), speak to Jan (for social), do clinic quests, receive an auxiliary, utilize the EX-Cube shop, etc..

I can understand that people only want to jump to the action, but those matters aren't side quests. They are the tutorial.

Though I admit the translation often try too difficult to follow along with Japanese text, and frequently don't convey what's really being said.

To be fair, at the time the player is no longer a newbie, and the game pops a message once you hit level 70 that she has new client orders for you.

I understand exactly what you mean. Although I feel that is merely the way PSO2 was created; it doesn't try to maintain player's hands. Even the Arks Mission system is a huge improvement over what it was. Take force for example. You unlock fusion techs at level 70 but NOWHERE in the match does this tell you that. You need to go upstairs in the primary lobby and talk to an npc you have never needed to previously speak to to do a client order to unlock them.

I can understand the matter. The game heaps that are front so much shit that they expect you to read for a match I don't even know if I will enjoy or not.

My expertise had been this:"Oh phantasy star is outside on steam today I'll check it out to see if I even take care of it", do intro stuff for a few nice gameplay. Game screeches to a stop and bombards me with textbox following text box and after that the intro video, I have to keep talking to people for much more text boxes. Then more tutorials I get by speaking to NPC's round the gateway that I do not remember being led to at the first place for matters like these and the buy pso2 meseta xbox mag. I visit literally every NPC has like 5 orders that I don't even know what's going on. So now I am like 30-40 minutes in (likely more) after I even made my character and that I have not even done a single assignment out of that initial one.