FFXIV Farming Tips & Tricks - How to Make Money in FFXIV Gil

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FFXIV Farming Tips & Tricks - How to Make Money in FFXIV Gil

Posted By igvcom ffxivgil     March 26, 2023    


Player knows the truth: Final Fantasy XIV Gil is hard to earn in-game. As such it is easy to waste time farming ff14 Gil . To help players making money easy and fast in FF14, we list some best ways to help players walk through.

Completing Quests

Doing regular quest, duties, and other activities, it will help you level your character, obtain items, get Gil. Players can start the Main Scenario Quest by finding an NPC with the distinct Main Scenario Quest icon above their head, or by looking through the Recommendations list to see what Duties are in the immediate vicinity.

Every Main Scenario Quest has a minimum level requirement. Some Main Scenario Quests require the player to simply speak with another NPC, while others require the player to complete a Dungeon, collect items, slay monsters, and more. Upon completion of the Main Scenario Quest, players have always rewarded Experience Points and Gil, with other items occasionally rewarded as well.

Each starting zone, Gridania, Ul'dah, and Limsa Lominsa, have separate main story quests for levels 1 to 15. After this, all classes share the same quests.

As with most MMOs, Final Fantasy 14 offers various tasks and challenges that reset daily or weekly, and both can be a great way of earning some extra Gil. Dailies include roulettes and beastmen quests, both of which can earn Gil as rewards, or materia.

Additionally, there is a weekly challenge log that can earn players some easy Gil just by ticking off various tasks. Some challenges are very easy to complete, such as playing some mini-games, while others are earned naturally just through playing.

Crafting and gathering in FFXIVYou’ve leveled your gatherers and crafters, but what’s the most profitable item to sell? There’s no perfect answer to that question, as the demand may vary from time to time. It’s therefore always wise to check the Market Board before deciding on an item. As a general rule though, remember that most players are either looking for ways to save time, or stuff they can’t make themselves. They will offer good money for high level gear or large quantities of basic materials.

Click on the item you want to sell to see how many other players are selling and what their asking prices are. If you’re selling basic materials or food, you might want to place a larger stack on the market. The price differences are often small, so keep it about average or just below the usual asking price.

Take partin Map Parties

When you receive a map, it may be much better to keep it than to sell it. This is especially true if the map is for advanced players. It may be a gamble, but lucky players may leave the map dungeon with more money than they originally spent on it.

The most recommended way to get the map is by taking a class or as a reward for a Khloe diary. This way, you don't even have to spend gil on the map. Even if the dungeon throws you out of the end, it won't cause too much damage.

Retainers and Ventures

Ventures are a fantastic way to increase your supplemental earnings. Sending your retainer to accomplish these modest tasks increases the likelihood that they will return with sellable loot, allowing you to earn significant rewards for essentially no additional time or effort.

Depending on the class and level of the retainers, some loot may sell for a high price. For instance, highly sought-after and extremely rare minions might sell for up to millions of Gil.

However, you must finish a level 17 main quest provided by the scions of the seventh dawn to activate retainer ventures. You will next need to add a class and gear to your retainer. Your retainer will level up and acquire experience as they complete tasks.

As a result, this is a method of farming Gil that gets more lucrative with time. Your retainer will return after finishing a quest with some excellent goods that you may sell on the market board for Gil. You can send numerous retainers on various ventures at once. Utilize this function to increase your profits.

It does require unique money called ventures to be able to send retainers. These are simple to get by finishing tasks such as beast tribe quests or using company credits or seals obtained from FATEs and other quests.

Finally, Buy FFXIV Gil

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