I haven't played in like a year
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I haven't played in like a year

Posted By Smarthuiyuan Smarthuiyuan     October 7, 2020    


I haven't played in like a year, but from memory, the fastest way to bring in money from battle in f2p is by simply collecting huge bones, which provides you perhaps 30k an hour? There aren't really any high-level NPCs to OSRS gold kill which give drops that are rewarding. Lesser demons could give maybe 10-15k an hour. Hence the F2P player would spend approximately 3 hours earning 100k from battle drops.

The P2P player has a much larger array of alternatives. They can collect dragon bones from plants and make perhaps 100k an hour. Or they could join teams and search the KQ, KBD, GWD supervisors etc and hope to get lucky with a drop value 1m+. I'm sure there are thousands of new ways to make money as well with combat in p2p. So in the time that it took the f2p participant to generate 100k, the p2p participant could probably make 300k.

Woodcutting is quite similar in both p2p and f2p. I believe magical trees need 75 wc to chop, thus a p2p player with 70 wc would not have the ability to use them. The p2p player could use a dragon axe, however this provides just a small increase in chopping rates in contrast to a rune axe. Thus, cutting yews, the rates of p2p and f2p are very similar (The only real advantage of p2p will be less people at every yew-cutting location).

The fishing guild in p2p provides a much faster way to make money from fishing. In f2p, fishing lobsters/swordfish from Karamja provides you perhaps 20k an hour (no idea about that one). In p2p, the speed would be at least twice as fast. The p2p player could also fish shark and Buy RS gold monkfish which could also give even more profit per hour. So in the time a f2p participant makes 100k from fishing, then a p2p player will create 200-300k.