The lower the noise of the fan, the better?

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The lower the noise of the fan, the better?

Posted By xingchang fan     October 9, 2020    


Noise always accompanies the operation of XingChang Fan and cannot be eliminated. The latest research shows that as long as the wind speed exceeds 0.75m/s, noise will be generated. Of course, the lower the wind speed, the lower the noise generated.

Noise is harmful pollution. In our design, we always want to reduce the noise of the fan equipment as much as possible. With the development of fan technology, the noise pollution we can achieve is getting smaller and smaller.

But when it is not the fan selection, the lower the noise, the better?

Low noise is of course good, but its economy must be considered. The lower the required noise, the higher the cost of the entire equipment. Approximately every 10 decibels reduced, the cost of the wind turbine doubles (empirical value, non-linear). The minimum noise of most fans cannot be less than 35dBA.

Therefore, when choosing a fan, the noise is "enough", and it is not necessary to pursue low noise.

For example: if the area where the fan equipment is located is no man's area, it is only necessary to consider that the noise does not exceed the "red line".

When there are higher noise equipment in the area where the fan equipment is located, the noise of the fan equipment can be set to "the highest equipment noise-6dBA", the noise after synthesis is up to 1 decibel higher, and the cost is the most economical. If the "maximum equipment noise -10dBA", the combined noise is still the highest equipment noise, and the low noise has been "annihilated".

If the equipment where the fan is located has sound insulation or sound absorption effect, only the impact of noise transmission can be considered.

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