Know Tire Chuck Air Quick Coupler

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Know Tire Chuck Air Quick Coupler

Posted By snip snip     October 14, 2020    


The Air Quick Coupler is also known as quick connect couplers. These are general purpose couplings which can connect at either end of the connection.

Quick couplings can be connected and disconnected easily as they are compact but very robust and sturdy in their application. They are highly reliable as they provide unswerving service for the transfer of fluid for pneumatic, hydraulic and vacuum systems.

The couplings on the flow side have a floating ball valve which closes automatically when the couplings are disconnected and hence prevent the spillage of fluid from the system.

They are generally designed according to the maximum working pressure and could be made of steel, brass or stainless steel depending upon the application and the type of fluid.

The major applicable fluids are air, oil and water. Specific grades of hydraulic oil, fuel oil and lube oil could be used as well for the same.

Quick Coupling for Air
These couplings can become sluggish over a long time and might pick up rust due to the nature of the fluid being transferred and hence extreme care must be taken when they are removed from the pressurized system.

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