Update on World of Warcraft
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    • Last updated October 15, 2020
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Update on World of Warcraft

Posted By Eloise Smith     October 15, 2020    


An important update of World of Warcraft is live, and Blizzard announced the news. Some senior players have always hoped that the expansion of the Shadowlands game can come out, but this expansion may be delayed due to some factors. Blizzard is preparing for the expansion of World of Warcraft, and the patch that went live today played a big role in the preparation.

This patch improves many of the current features of the game, and this improvement may be very happy to fans. We can make changes to the game mechanics through this patch. So you need to pay attention to whether the patch that goes live on October 13, 2020 will affect your favorite characters.

The first major change in the game in the past ten years is this pre-patch. The last major reform in the game took place in 2010, and the impact of the Earth revolutionized on Azeroth is unimaginable.

Players' first concern is the level and attribute changes. The patch was released later today, and the upper limit was changed from 120 to 50. If the player is at level 120, then he will return to the new upper limit. This change will not cause your character to weaken due to the limitations of the game. It’s just that the way you play the game will be affected by the adjustment of statistics.

The developer also changed the components introduced in the previous game extension. This means that players who want to face new challenges need to return to the earlier part of the game. After introducing dynamic levels, you don’t have to worry about going back to the early game to Buy WOW Classic Gold do tasks that are not challenging. You need to design your strategy to be prepared.

The Cheap WOW Classic Gold use of the new role customization function makes the role even more different. The new update adds fewer features than other RPGs. The appearance of the character is something you can confirm, which is also a relatively big change in the World of Warcraft patch.Players can freely choose their own game direction in "World of Warcraft". They want to improve their abilities in this game, so they have a great demand for WOW Classic Gold. The meaning of MMOWTS is to present players with a place to provide WOW Classic Gold.