5 Must-have Youthful Diamond Necklaces from Daniel William Diamonds

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5 Must-have Youthful Diamond Necklaces from Daniel William Diamonds

Posted By Jennifer Barkati     April 17, 2023    


5 Must-have Youthful Diamond Necklaces from Daniel William Diamonds

A glance at Diamond Necklaces by Daniel William Diamonds from tennis necklace to platinum heart pendantd.

"Diamonds are a girl's best friend", isn't just a phrase but a fact! Diamonds have always made it to the mainstream with their irresistible charm and beauty. But have you ever wondered where it began? Was the diamond necklace always the most desirable gem? Let's dig a little deeper.

The Evolving Trend of Diamond Necklaces

Historically, diamond necklaces were preferred by and restricted to the royals and upper-classes. It is noted that one of the Arpad Kings of Hungary had some rough-cut diamonds engraved in his queen's crown.

Imagine how contrary the scenario today is! Diamonds reign in the jewelry collection of almost every woman today, but earlier they reigned only in the reigning hands.

The first recorded data of diamond cutters dates back to around the 1500s. That's where the seed was sown for the modern market. There are many famous stories about royals who bought diamonds for their loved ones. One of these includes the tale of Napoleon Bonaparte, who adorned his empress Marie Louise with a diamond necklace. It was on the occasion of the birth of their son. 

Significance of a Diamond Necklace:

Diamond necklaces are indeed one of the most beautiful creations amidst jewelry. But you may wonder, what beyond that makes them so special? Well, it's the significance the diamonds hold. Diamonds are a symbol of purity and eternity. 

As the diamonds passed through generations while keeping their beauty intact, the kings and queens wished to keep their bloodline akin to that. It is considered synonymous with the beliefs of constancy and immortality. 

Types of Diamond Necklaces: 

What makes a diamond necklace omnipresent in all jewelry collections is its variation. Here we enlist some of the most prominent types of diamond necklaces: 

  • Diamond Solitaire Necklace: Subtle, the Diamond Solitaire Necklace is named for its design. It features a wonderful, singular diamond on a chain. The diamond can be of many shapes yet the round diamond has been the most consistent choice with its brilliance. 

The solitaire necklace looks great both for special occasions as well as everyday wear. All that the designers have to take care of is the fact that the diamond should be noticeable yet not overpowering. 

  • Diamond Tennis Necklace: The tennis necklace features a symmetrical set of diamonds that are attached to a thin chain. Named after the renowned tennis player, Chris Evert, as he famously wore this type of necklace. They can be shortened to fit in layers, as well, and they also look great in length too. 
  • Diamond Cluster Necklace: Such a necklace features a group of diamonds. These can be in a number of shapes, yet arranged together aesthetically. Fit for special occasions, they make you stand out and hold a sophisticated appeal. 
  • Diamond Initial Necklace: These necklaces have taken over the jewelry market by storm these days. It's not just popular among the millennials but also Gen Z. A significant part of the personalization fashion, they make for great presents. It can either be bejeweled or engraved in metal. 

There are many more types of diamond necklaces yet these are the most loved among them all. 

Things to Know Before You Buy a Diamond Necklace: 

Buying a diamond necklace can be quite tricky when you don't know the ins and outs! So, here we enlist some of the things you need to keep in mind before you hop on to some necklace shopping.

  • Get the 4Cs sorted: Keeping an eye on the 4Cs is always important. The carat, color, clarity, and cut make or break a diamond. It determines the quality you are investing your hard-earned money on. So, make sure you find the most suitable product that stands well on all these parameters.
  • Diamond Certification: It might be the most untalked-about element of buying a diamond. Yet, it is the most crucial. Reputed jewelers will always provide you with a certification for your diamonds. 
    The authenticity of a diamond is determined by its certification that comes from labs or gemological institutes. So, next time you go shopping for diamonds, don't forget to ask for a certificate of authenticity.
  • Reputed Jewelers or Online Retailers: Since today you have many options to buy from, it is quite easy to get duped by fraudsters. So, don't get into a buying decision just by looking at the rate of discounts. Always go for authentic brands with good reviews that have been in business for a while. 
    Moreover, whether it's an online retailer or offline, always look for their return and refund policies. 
  • The real or fake test: There are traditional methods of testing a diamonds' authenticity. All you have to do is take sandpaper and rub it gently on the diamond. If it gets easily scratched, it's not real and if it doesn't, it is real. It is because diamonds are known as one of the hardest substances on earth. 
    So, scratching them with sandpaper lightly cannot harm a really hard diamond. Yet the fake one will whither immediately.

The Magnificent Catalog of Diamonds at Daniel William Diamonds: 

Having been in the business for a long time, Daniel William Diamonds has carved a unique identity for its authentic diamonds and dedicated service to customers. So, here's a look at some of the masterpiece diamond necklaces created by the designers at Daniel William Diamonds.

  1. OVAL SAPPHIRE DIAMOND HALO NECKLACE: One of the most royal necklaces that the team vouches for is the Oval Sapphire Diamond Halo Necklace. Its incredible charm, well-manicured cut and 32.18-carat oval sapphire engraved in 18K white gold indeed catch gazers awestruck. The oval cut makes it resemble royal jewelry. 
  2. THREE-ROW GRADUATED TENNIS NECKLACE: A quintessential graduation gift is the three-row graduated tennis necklace by Daniel William Diamonds. Layered in three rows, it adds gravity to one's persona and indeed makes them look like a graduate. Not to mention the exceptional brilliance of the 60.26 ct round diamonds that renders it a diva-like look. 
  3. OPEN HEART PENDANT - 18K WHITE GOLD: The charm that the platinum heart pendant holds is indeed unparalleled! Featuring gleaming round diamonds engraved in an 18K white gold backdrop, it looks wonderful. The heart-shaped structure gives it an edgy look suitable both for millennials as well as Gen-Z. What makes it look the best is its open end which makes the neck look slimmer and more glamorous.
  4. LETTER ''S'' PENDANT - 18K WHITE GOLD: Personalized jewelry has had its own time in the jewelry and fashion industry! They were famous in the 80s, and they are famous now as well. So, here's unveiling the stunning letter S pendant in 18K white gold by Daniel William Diamonds. 
    With 28 round diamonds with 0.14 ctw, coming together to form the initial of one's name, it looks surreal. It's like wearing the shimmering bits of your aura. 
  5. MAGNOLIA - 18K WHITE GOLD: Magnolia in 18K white gold is indeed the brightest of all! Curated with sheer dedication and craftsmanship, it has almost carved a niche of its own. Its brilliance and elegance are unmatched. Its octagonal shape adorned with round diamonds makes it even more irresistible in terms of symmetry and style.

Wrap up: 

If you found the above collection worth your jewelry box, it's time to venture into the world of glam and shine. It's time to visit the virtual showroom of Daniel William Diamonds or visit in person. Their ethereal collection and reasonable return policies make them even more amazing. Shop today!