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Posted By Jace Cruz     April 17, 2023    


Custom embroideries are among the oldest and best-known personalization techniques there are. Probably when talking about pad printing or screen printing, you would have a hard time imagining what they are. However, this does not happen with embroidery because it has always been part of our life.

And this also applies specifically to custom embroidered patches. Do you remember when in kindergarten and elementary school, our mothers or grandmothers embroidered aprons or backpacks with our names so that they would not be confused with those of other children? That was probably our first custom item! This is precisely why one of the two adjectives used in the title to describe personalized embroideries is “tradition.”

The other adjective is elegance because embroidery is a real art and allows you to make very sophisticated designs. It is also the most classic customization technique there is, and, like everything that has an elegant soul, it has no time. It is and will always be very current.

With the embroidery technique, it is possible to guarantee high-quality workmanship thanks to the attention to every little detail. Thanks to embroidery, you will be guaranteed an optimal service as even the smallest details of the graphics are embroidered point by point with great attention.

But what does the custom embroidery technique consist of?

Embroidery consists of the decoration of fabric by composing a logo, writing, or drawing with different threads of different colors. This, in a very short time, is the concept behind personalized embroideries.

It is a very good technique for several reasons. The first is versatility. In fact, it allows you to customize both flat surfaces and irregular surfaces, a feature that not all customization techniques have. For this reason, personalized embroidery is considered to be of the highest value. Another feature, which makes it an elite technique, is its durability. One of the fundamental advantages is precisely the fact that it does not deteriorate over time because it does not fade or erase.


There are mainly two methods for embroidering products and/or gadgets. The first is direct embroidery on the fabric. The second, defined as "embroidery on the patch," consists in embroidering the chosen graphics on patches and applying them only later on the shirt or other products such as cap embroidery Melbourne.

Custom embroidery: more frequent materials and customizations

The fabrics that are best suited for embroidery supplies melbourne are:

  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Nylon
  • Fleece

Since it is a customization of fabrics, the areas in which it is most used are embroidery on clothing. When talking about basic embroidering, what is most frequently requested is logo embroidery on fabric. Within the "customized clothing with embroidery" category, the most requested customizations are:

  • T-shirt embroidery
  • Personalized and embroidered workwear
  • Embroidery on sweatshirts
  • Embroidery on t-shirt

This is the custom embroidered clothing on which there is the greatest demand for customization. In addition to these, however, there are other items that brands often ask to customize to enrich their merchandising. Among these, the most frequent are: hats and caps, trousers, polo shirts, vests, sportswear, bags, shirts, aprons, towels, and, lately, masks. You can buy all these customized embroidered items from embroidery shops melbourne.