How to buy knitted working gloves

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How to buy knitted working gloves

Posted By nbglove nbglove     October 19, 2020    


Knitted working gloves can be used alone or as a lining under another pair of gloves to increase comfort or protection. Mechanically knitted gloves are manufactured using one of the most economical methods, with various materials and weights, and more. According to their composition and structure, they are very suitable for general and special applications.

material type:

The knitted glove fabric consists of continuous loops of yarn (called loops). As each row advances, new yarn loops will pass through existing loops. The active stitch remains on the needle until another loop can be passed through. This process will eventually form a complete, seamless glove, which is more fit and comfortable compared to gloves made by other methods.

Different yarns and knitting needles can be used to make knitted gloves with different colors, textures and weights. The thickness or weight of the yarn is an important factor in determining the specifications, that is, for a given stitch pattern, how many stitches and rows are needed to cover a given area. The size and thickness of the yarn used to make the glove determines the total weight of the glove.

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