What Are Overall Design and Main Features Of the Axle Assembly Line?

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What Are Overall Design and Main Features Of the Axle Assembly Line?

Posted By ri mei     October 20, 2020    


The overall design and main features of the analog control system of the axle assembly line:

This chapter focuses on the basic concepts, design ideas, and the principle block diagram of the system circuit of the analog control system of the assembly line.

1.1 Basic concepts
In mass production, in order to improve production efficiency, ensure product quality, and improve working conditions, not only the machine tool is required to automatically process the workpiece, but also the loading and unloading of the workpiece, the transportation between processes, the detection of machining accuracy, and the rejection of waste products Can be done automatically. Therefore, the equipment is arranged in sequence according to the processing procedures of the workpiece, and the automatic conveying device is used to connect them into one body, and the control system is used to coordinate the actions of each part to automatically work in accordance with the prescribed actions. The system is called an automated production line.

1.2 Block diagram of design ideas and circuit principle
1.2.1 Design Ideas
According to the design requirements, the preliminary design ideas are as follows:

1) The entire control system uses MCS-51 series single-chip microcomputer as the control core.

2) The collection of the operation request signal and counting request signal of each process on the assembly line is completed with infrared sensor switches, and the operation process is simulated with delay.

3) The count display of the assembly line adopts a four-in-one seven-segment LED digital tube with dynamic scanning mode. The time of dynamic scanning is realized by software.

4) Each process operation request and counting request adopt interrupt response. Among them, the operation of the first and second steps occupies an external interrupt, and the operation and counting response to the third step are interrupted by the timer.

5) The segment selection code input of the LED digital tube is generated by the low four bits of the parallel port P0; the bit selection code input of the LED digital tube is generated by the high four bits of the parallel port P0.

6) The speed adjustment of the motor and the switching of the system function are controlled by the button, the program is realized, and the signal is input from the P1 port.

7) The control signal of the motor is output by P2 port.

The single-chip microcomputer AT89C51 used in the system is an integrated programmable single-chip microcomputer with excellent performance and very powerful functions. It integrates the CPU, memory, and I/O on a single chip, as long as a little electronic zero

The pieces can form a simple control system. In this way, the hardware cost of the designed product can be reduced, and the simulation control of the assembly line can be realized through programming.

1.2.2 Principle block diagram
According to the design requirements and design ideas, the design scheme of the system is determined. Figure 1.1 shows the hardware design block diagram of the system design. The hardware circuit is mainly composed of a control unit, a counting display unit, a detection part, and an interface unit circuit.

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