The use of a Snake Tongs or arch holders

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The use of a Snake Tongs or arch holders

Posted By nomoy pet     April 24, 2018    


Thank you for your inquiry.CPT cipher 20660 is the actual cipher for the appliance of cranial Snake Tongs. The abounding analogue is “Application of cranial Snake Tongs, caliper, or stereotactic frame, including abatement (separate procedure)”. First, in reviewing the code, amuse agenda that the cipher has a ‘separate procedure’ designation. This agency that the plan associated with this CPT cipher is an basal allotment of a added all-encompassing procedure. This agency that cpt cipher 20660 is not reportable with cpt cipher 22551 “Arthrodesis, antecedent interbody, including disc amplitude preparation, discectomy, osteophytectomy and decompression of analgesic bond and assumption roots; cervical beneath c2”(aka acdf) which is appear for the antecedent cervical discectomy and admixture code.

The use of a Snake Tongs or arch holders, etc. for intra-operative accession of the arch is across-the-board to any analgesic procedure.Additionally, the lay description appear in Encoder Pro includes the plan of applying skull absorption Snake Tongs; this admittance in the description of the activity and the abstracted activity appellation avert the surgeon from advertisement cpt cipher 20660 in accession to the acdf activity code. Typically the codes associated with aura appliance are reportable if the aura is activated as a stand-alone activity or the aura is activated for best appellation stabilization acceptation the accommodating leaves the accessible accommodation with the aura applied.You authority things with Snake Tongs, vises, or clamps. As my baby coach Larry says, “If you can’t authority it, you can’t hit it.” Snake Tongs are primary, and a acceptable boiler (the abode a blacksmith works) has abounding Reptile Feeding Tweezers for captivation assorted shapes. A tong that’s acceptable for a ½” aboveboard rod will abort if you try to authority a ” annular rod. Captivation a collapsed section of banal requires a altered tong.