The Ordeal I Went Through In My Search For An SEO Company In Singapore

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The Ordeal I Went Through In My Search For An SEO Company In Singapore

Posted By Wiwi Gembil     October 22, 2020    


As a business owner, I'm really glad I get to work at what I like to do. I sell handmade jewelry on my own website, and take great pride in making pieces that are unique and relevant to the modern day woman. When I started out in 2018, it was hard in the beginning. Of course I started out by making personalised jewelry for my mother and sister. However, I knew that I had to reach out to a wider audience if I wanted to expand.

As a one woman show, I learnt about digital marketing and learnt how to set up my own e commerce store online. I also started thinking about search engine optimisation (SEO). But as the person designing the jewelry and liaising with the manufacturer, I couldn't keep up with the demands of SEO. I was focused on the product, and was not making enough profit to hire a full time marketing staff. I spoke to my friends about this and they recommended that I look for a SEO company in Singapore who could help me with the search engine optimization services.

"Apparently, it's a lot more than meets the eye. There's a lot of technical aspects to it," Alex, one of my friends, shared with me.

Trying to juggle my business and learning how SEO works

I went home to google and decided to just try the first company I saw on the Google results. I called the number on their website and spoke to an account manager who scheduled a time and date to meet with me.

They had an account manager who asked me about what SEO services I needed. Then, she shared with me about how search engine optimisation works, what they could do for my e commerce website and what I could expect realistically.

After an hour of coming to an agreed consensus, we also spoke about the quote. I left the meeting feeling quite satisfied and hopeful that the SEO services provided by the company would be useful. I was also surprised that the prices would be so affordable.

Finally! I didn't need to worry about how my website was doing, if there was enough traffic, or if people knew about my brand. I could just focus on what I liked most - making the jewelry!

For 3 months, I left my website traffic in the hands of the company. Yet, each month went by and even as they gave me monthly reports and updates, the number of traffic on my website did not see any increase.

I gave them a call and was told that it usually needed more time. On my side, I had not enough sales to keep paying the company that wasn't showing any results.

To keep my business afloat, I decided to annul the services in that company. I got a recommendation from one of my long time customers to try out another agency called iClick Media.

SEO work can be technical and daunting for non IT person

At iClick Media, I shared my poor past experience with them. They acknowledged that SEO work in general can be pretty technical and daunting, especially to a non-IT person. They shared with me the process in which they strive to keep me informed about my website’s SEO progress and results.

They also assured me that their SEO services in Singapore are carried out based on a scientific and systematic approach. Furthermore, this SEO approach has been tweaked and changed consistently over the last few years to ensure clients get the best returns of investment.

Over the next 6 months, I saw my web traffic increase, there were more conversions and slowly, my website would rise up on the search ranking.

With iClick Media, I can focus on doing what I do best

I was spending my days getting more and more orders for my jewelry, and less time worrying about my marketing aspect of the business! I'm glad that I found iClick media, an SEO company in Singapore that provides SEO services that works!