Choosing Rubber Extruder  Is An Important Step

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Choosing Rubber Extruder Is An Important Step

Posted By na bai     October 23, 2020    


In short, no. First of all, many devices that are technically rubber extruder are meant for individual, personal use and must be operated by hand. Manufacturers, however, will generally require much larger, more sophisticated industrial extruders. It all depends on the scope of your operation and the standards of your industry.

As with any other type of machinery, there are a wide variety of industrial extruders available, and each one is intended for a particular purpose or set of purposes. Some are designed to also serve a specific niche function, such as de-airing a material, de-watering it or pelletizing it.

Capacity is another differentiating factor. For large batches and maximum capacity, a company may need the High Volume Production Extruder (Terrier), for example. Meanwhile, a company that specializes in research and development would probably do well with low-volume Lab Extruders for producing and testing their products in small batches. Another company may need an entirely different solution.

What you need depends on the applications, volumes, shapes and materials required to get the job done.

If you are interested in microwave curing oven, welcome to your come and purchase!