Work flow of hydraulic freight elevator

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Work flow of hydraulic freight elevator

Posted By Web star     October 28, 2020    


What is the working process of hydraulic freight elevator? Let me introduce you one by one.

(1) Determine the load: According to the required lifting force, transmission speed and installation position, initially select the appropriate elevator model and speed ratio, and initially select the matching drive motor to determine the installation size and spatial location of the entire system.

(2) Determine the working direction: Determine the rotation direction of the input shaft (worm) according to the required working direction of the output shaft. The rotation direction of the worm and the expansion and contraction direction of the lifting screw are similar to the relationship between a gear and a rack. If multiple lifts are used together, the direction of rotation of the commutator should also be paid attention to.

(3) Determine the stroke: After initially selecting the lift stroke according to the working stroke, check the critical bending force of the push rod according to the parameters provided by the lift manufacturer. If the pressure is too large, the screw size needs to be increased. The usual practice is to increase the lift The parameter specification (the screw increases accordingly), and the screw parameter specification can be increased only when the elevator load is sufficient.

(4) Determine the working speed: Check the maximum allowable speed according to the working cycle and load characteristics of the elevator and the elevator parameters provided by the manufacturer. If the speed is too high, you need to select an elevator with large specifications. When the elevator load is sufficient It is also possible to increase only the lead of the screw.

(5) Determine the driving torque.

(5) Determine the driving power.

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