What to Know About Air Conditioner Service and Maintenance?

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What to Know About Air Conditioner Service and Maintenance?

Posted By tommy jain     May 8, 2023    


There are a few things you should know about air conditioning systems before attempting repair work on your own house or place of business’s air conditioner. Many people attempt DIY repairs on their air conditioning systems when they break down or develop faults, while without a solid grasp of the underlying principles. Although HVAC repair through calgaryhvac contractors is best left to the professionals, you can perform basic air conditioner repairs once you know the concepts involved.

The compressor and the condenser are the two separate parts of a typical air conditioning system that operate together to cool a building or room. At the condenser, pressurized Freon gas is routed via a heat exchanger, where its heat is dissipated and it becomes a liquid. After entering the evaporator via an expansion valve, the liquid Freon contracts and burns to a gas, drawing the latent heat required from the surrounding, cooled environment. The gas, now warmed by the warmer ambient air, is recycled back into the condenser, where the excess heat is dissipated.

As both the condenser and the evaporator are hermetically sealed, you will need to have a professional handle air conditioner maintenance near me. The best thing you may do is maintain a spotless environment, free of dust and debris in the mesh protectors and elsewhere. Simple AC and furnace maintenance Calgary is something you can do on your own, but emergency furnace repair Calgary is best left to the professionals. These are some first steps to take if you need to fix, diagnose, or service your air conditioner.

  1. The computer will not boot up.

The fuses or breakers may need to be checked. If everything seems to be okay, then perhaps the thermostat is turned up too high. Turn it down by five degrees and if that does not work, call in an HVAC technician.

  1. There is no air conditioning.

It is recommended that you lower the thermostat setting once again. The air input to the condenser should be checked if that does not work. Particularly if there are a lot of falling leaves, it could be obstructed in the autumn. If the fan’s fins are not straight, straighten them. The next step, if nothing else has worked, is to contact an engineer.

  1. Inconsistent Cooling

All you can do is clean the condenser as best you can, and if it does not fix it, call an engineer. Units are frequently obstructed by varying types of vegetation. Make sure the concrete pad the condenser is resting on is perfectly level, as any unevenness could throw off the alignment of the motor and the condenser.

Because to the sealed nature of the condenser and evaporator, DIY air conditioner repairs is best left to the professionals. Most HVAC issues are easily remedied by cleaning out the evaporator. Except in inclement weather when material like leaves and twigs can be swept into the unit, these issues should not arise if you have air conditioning contractor to service your air conditioner on a regular basis.