Where and how to buy electric sun blinds?

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Where and how to buy electric sun blinds?

Posted By wistar motor     October 28, 2020    


Motorized shades blinds are also called "electric sunroof blinds", which refer to sunroofs that are operated by electricity. They are divided into manual and electric. There are FTS roller sunshades, track motorized shades blindss, FSS roller sunshades, and synchronous motor folding. Canopy curtain.

Rolling and folding motorized shades blindss generally use textiles with different light transmittances for sunshade. Leaf-turning sunshades generally use vertical blinds and venetian blinds. The proportion of sunlight entering the room is controlled by turning the blades to achieve the sunshade effect.

In vertical, horizontal, inclined glass windows, square, triangular, circular and other regular or irregular roofs, motorized shades blinds (electric ceiling blinds, motorized shades blindss) can be applied to achieve your desired shading effect.


The "Regulations on Energy Conservation in Buildings of Tianjin" was adopted at the 32nd meeting of the Standing Committee of the 15th Tianjin Municipal People's Congress on May 9, 2012, and was officially implemented on July 1, 2012. This indicates that the sunshade series products, mainly motorized shades blinds curtains, will enter the main market of the sunshade industry.

Hangzhou Wistar Mechanical & Electric Technology Co., Ltd. provides high-quality electric sun blinds. For details, please consult: motorized shades blinds.