Tinplate Can Making Machine Will Play an Important Role in the Future

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Tinplate Can Making Machine Will Play an Important Role in the Future

Posted By Gold Eagle     October 28, 2020    


The main application field of packaging machinery should be the food industry. At present, the food industry in my country’s packaging machinery market accounts for about 28%. By 2020, the Asian food retail market will account for 41% of the world market, and China will become the world’s main food market. Facing the huge domestic demand market for industries, food packaging equipment is bound to usher in a huge purchase boom. On this topic, the reporter visited Guangdong Jingwei Intelligent Machine Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Guangdong Jingwei) for learning and exchanges, and interviewed Liao Sheng, manager of the domestic sales department.

According to Manager Liao, there are currently few leading companies in my country's food packaging machinery industry, and most of them are small and medium-sized enterprises. Moreover, the domestic automation level is still at the stage of imitation and testing, the degree of automation is still very low, there are few independent research and development projects, and the absorption of high-level foreign technologies is slow. This has led to a very low level of automation in my country's food packaging machinery. In response to the above problems, they suggested that domestic small and medium-sized enterprises can learn from the German model of setting up factories. Similar to our country, the Italian packaging machinery industry is also dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises, but the difference is that they have high technical content, manufacturing and processing. The level is also very high.

Globally, food equipment technology is increasingly industrialized and automated. Industrialized countries have always maintained a high demand for food equipment for equipment replacement and technological transformation of food processing enterprises. In order to strengthen basic industries and modernization, developing countries also have great demands for equipment. As a dazzling star among many food packaging machinery companies in China, Guangdong Jingwei Intelligent Machine Co., Ltd. has been standing in the food industry with its unique and high-quality products, honest Fuxin business philosophy and preventive strategic vision. invincible position. Guangdong Jingwei put forward its own views on China's regional advantages: Although China has gathered many food packaging companies, there are few leading companies, small and medium-sized enterprises have limited R&D capabilities and low automation. Guangdong Jingwei has independent intellectual property rights as the foundation, and its product quality is relatively superior. At the same time, it has accumulated a lot of experience and heritage in foreign market operations. In general, Guangdong Jingwei is relatively sound and mature in terms of sales, logistics, technology, and production capacity. Next, Manager Liao sorted out and summarized the successful cases of Jingwei Company over the years.

In order to meet the visual requirements of customers for the continuous improvement of appearance quality, and at the same time to improve the production capacity and the ability of efficient packaging in the later stage, Jingwei has developed the D1100 parallel manipulator automatic sorting and palletizing customized production line system, which matches the fourth generation of 16 Three-layer combination scale, second-generation aluminum foil gold inspection machine, vertical packaging machine and sorting scale, etc., through the optional visual application system, touch screen man-machine interface, support teaching mode and multi-station appointment, automatic shutdown of overload, Complete linear, circular and spatial trajectory movements. Realize intelligent operation of automatic sorting, automatic palletizing, and automatic sorting. At the same time, Jingwei has developed two metal detectors: the second generation GL2415 aluminum foil metal detector and the G5020 multi-frequency metal detector. The second-generation GL2415 aluminum foil metal detector adopts a 32-bit microprocessor with super digital signal analysis and processing capabilities, which improves the sensitivity, anti-interference and long-term operation stability of the system. Through the application of high-sensitivity sensors and integrated control methods, the ability to detect magnetic metal foreign bodies in aluminum film and aluminum foil packaging products is effectively solved. It is widely used in the detection of metal foreign bodies in bulk, bagged, bottled, boxed aluminum foil packaging products in the food, medicine, cosmetics, security, chemical and other industries. G5020 multi-frequency metal detector adopts multi-frequency technology to adapt to different types of products to be tested, and can automatically select suitable frequencies according to different product characteristics. According to different product moisture characteristics and material quantity, the sensitivity of detecting contaminated metals can be improved to a high limit. It can be said that it is very suitable for aquatic or mixed packaging bags with more salt and more water, more salt and less water, more water and less salt. These two products have attracted the attention of domestic coffee bags, chocolate, kimchi and other manufacturers.

The non-secondary dual-channel 8-track electronic pellet counting machine that has been tested more on site is none other than the second-level vibrating plate feeding in production, which effectively controls the continuity and fluidity of the material and avoids stacking. The electric gate helps to achieve rapid retention of the material. The dual-channel orbital design and infrared electronic counting can automatically obtain the sensitivity value and material characteristics, and monitor the passing status of the material in real time for high-speed resolution and rapid response. It can be lifted and lowered automatically by one button to realize automatic matching of the height of the counting head corresponding to different bottles. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, hardware, chemical, plastic, health care and other industries, for capsules, tablets, granules and other medicines or food, candy, Products of different shapes, such as hardware and plastic parts, can easily meet the demand for accurate counting. The above technologies have gradually strengthened the competitiveness of domestic machines. It is precisely because of the spirit of being skilled in technology and daring to innovate that today's Guangdong Jingwei has been created. The future of Guangdong Jingwei will be more brilliant, and I believe that Guangdong Jingwei will continue to introduce more new technologies and new products. While saving materials and costs for customers, it also achieves the goal of efficient production and packaging.

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