Hot Air Ballooning In Jaipur With SkyWaltz Balloon Safari

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Hot Air Ballooning In Jaipur With SkyWaltz Balloon Safari

Posted By Skywaltz Balloon Safari     May 10, 2023    


Flying via the sky for the first time is a surreal moment that anyone can experience, but it can become true and you can fly above cities. With the help of hot air ballooning in Jaipur your entire body feels free and weightless as you rise above several buildings and forts. Jaipur is popular for its magnificent pink buildings and is home to various palaces. Nowadays, Jaipur has become a bucket list for various individuals, and the city is perfect for culture lovers and tourists. 

Hot air ballooning is an adventurous activity that you should miss in your lifetime. A ride is an ideal option for those who desire to do something interesting apart from skydiving. Grab a marvelous opportunity to float in calm air, looking down on an enormous view of the earth from high in the sky in entirely different angles but without falling off. The captivating view of Jaipur from the sky is admirable and worthy to watch. The place grabs the attention of a plethora of adventure lovers as it includes history.

Best for whom

Hot air balloon rides serve as a safe flight for people of every age, that might include dogs also. The commercial hot balloon carries almost eight people, along with the pilot. While the private hot air balloon carries up to only two passengers. Moreover, the largest hot air balloons might carry almost thirty people. Enjoy the most exhilarating experience and you can experience the warmth of the fire, the gentle breeze passing past your face, and the whole amazing view of the landscape. 

Best time for a ride

Hot air ballooning in Jaipur is best in the evening or the morning as balloons fly much better in cool air. During morning balloon flights, the surface of the earth remains cold, as you fly 200 feet in the sky, the temperature gets slightly warmer. Wind speeds are most predictable during morning hours and flying during or at sunset makes it easy to take off, steer, and land. Experience low turbulence and enjoy the most exciting ride. Enjoy the huge landscape from a certain height in the sky and feel the enormous experience. 

Things to do in Jaipur

Jaipur serves as the ultimate destination if you want to visit architectural buildings and grand forts and palaces. The place offers a great choice of activities, especially hot air ballooning rides that give a great experience. Let's dive into some other best things to do in Jaipur apart from a hot air balloon ride that makes your trip more exciting.

Amber fort visit

Nestled on a rocky hill, the iconic Amber Fort captivates you with its grand and sheer architecture. To make the experience more fruitful, try out the elephant ride up the cobbled path that leads to the front gate. Witness the sound and light show and make your evening more enjoyable.

Experience City Palace

Experience the charm of City Palace which is a glorious work of art that depicts the history of Jaipur. The Palace is an ultimate treasure that possesses beautiful gardens, sprawling courtyards, entrance gates, temples, and halls. 


So, if you are in search of unforgettable and exciting adventurous activity and calmness from the crowd, then try the SkyWaltz balloon safariGrab a fascinating experience during which you can witness certain wonderful sights of the place's landscape. Spend your one to two hours with enjoyment and enrich yourself with the best memorable moments.