4 Marquise Diamond Rings from Celebrity Closet

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4 Marquise Diamond Rings from Celebrity Closet

Posted By Jennifer Barkati     May 10, 2023    


4 Marquise Diamond Rings from Celebrity Closet

What is a Marquise cut diamond?

A historic diamond shape that instantly makes its way into becoming the life of any jewelry! Yes, Marquise cut diamonds are one such magic. Popularly known as Navette cut diamond, which means "a little ship" in French; the diamond truly justifies its name. A Marquise Diamond features two pointed ends, one on top and one bottom, and it has a rounded center. They are elongated in shape and typically have 58 facets. 

History of Marquise cut diamond: 

The aesthetic Marquise Diamond Ring was created in 16th century France. It is believed that King Louis XV of France (1710-1774) commissioned a jeweler to design a cut that stood stark in resemblance to his mistress's lips. What began as a popular cut for diamonds is now popular for other gems such as Sapphire, Ruby, etc. 

The word marquise comes from a hereditary rank held by courtiers below the Duke. These courtiers sported the fashionable Marquise cut diamond to enhance their look. 

Things to know before you buy a Marquise shaped diamond ring

  • Symmetry is significant: When you buy a Marquise Diamond, make it a must to check if the two ends of a marquise diamond stand symmetrical to each other. The two ends can make or break the look of your ring. So, checking that is imperative. 
  • Chips and Snags, if any: It is essential for a diamond to be snag-free to look the absolute best. You won't love it if you wear the best diamonds, yet they ruin your outfit here and there by snagging. Having two pointed corners on both ends, the ring can also chip, if not saved by a good jewelry setting. 
  • Color is the key: When picking a Marquise Diamond, you might as well want to go for grades from I-J. It can have a tint of color in it but any day looks much better than a colorless diamond. As unusual as it sounds, colored diamonds look much better than colorless ones when we discuss the Marquise shape. 
  • Bow-tie effect: A blackish bow-like look at the center of Marquise Diamonds, makes it susceptible to the bow-tie effect. Any diamond that has an elliptical shape, has one such effect. Yet, it is possible to do away with this by having perfect brilliance in your diamond. The brilliance ensures hiding the impact of the bow-tie effect.

4 celebrity worn Marquise Diamond Rings

  • Victoria Beckham: One of the world's most renowned celebrity couples, David Beckham and Victoria Beckham met each other at a football lounge in 1977. Years later, the sportsman went down on one knee to propose to his "forever lady". Done in the most stylish manner with the most stylish ring, it was a 3-carat Marquise cut diamond engagement ring that he popped the question with.
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones: Michael Douglas proposed to the beautiful celebrity with a lovely Marquise Diamond ring in 1999 on new year's Eve. With a traditional vibe to it, the ring looks dreamy. Sporting a 10-carat Marquise cut stone, which is enveloped by a halo of 28 tiny diamonds. 
  • Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis: Reckoned one of the most precious and picturesque celebrity engagement rings of all time, is Jacqueline Kennedy's ring. Her partner Aristotle Onassis, proposed to her with a stunning 40.42-carat Marquise Diamond. Later it was stored in the New York City Bank Vault until she died.
  • Portia De Rossi: A lesser-known yet one of the most lovely couples, is the pair of Portia De Rossi and Ellen De Generes. Ellen took a beautiful 3-carat marquise cut center diamond to pop up the big question. The ring was set sideways and is enveloped with pink pave set diamonds on the shank. 

Wrap up

If the collection sets your enthusiasm high for going on another diamond shopping spree, go for it today! Visit Daniel William Diamonds and check out the latest Marquise and Round Diamond Ring in store. It is a must-buy due to its incredible Illusionary size and elliptical shape, which makes the ring appear bigger.