What is the Temperature Control System of Rubber Extruder Machine?

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What is the Temperature Control System of Rubber Extruder Machine?

Posted By na bai     October 30, 2020    


The temperature control system of the rubber extruder machine is to use a mold temperature machine to control the temperature of the equipment in the production within a temperature range, or directly maintain the temperature for production. Usually several units are used for temperature control in groups. The rubber extruder is usually heated by a mold temperature machine before the formal production, that is, the temperature rise operation is performed. When the temperature rises to a certain value, it can be fed to the extruder feeding system. The rubber in the barrel is heated and the fluidity is enhanced, and the processing of the screw causes the equipment to generate self-produced temperature and continuously increase the temperature. The temperature of the equipment is getting higher and higher. When the temperature reaches the range we set, the temperature is transmitted to the intelligent temperature control cabinet through the sensor to perform the cooling operation. Hebei Weiyuan Rubber and Plastic Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the production of extruders. The equipment produced by the company includes rubber extruders, plastic extruders, sealing strip production lines and other equipment. Friends in need can come to the company for inspection and visits. You can call for consultation.