The final raid Naxxramas of World of Warcraft will be released in early December
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    • Last updated November 1, 2020
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The final raid Naxxramas of World of Warcraft will be released in early December

Posted By Eloise Smith     November 1, 2020    


On December 1, Blizzard is expected to release plans for the final patch for World of Warcraft Classic.

In October, testing of the patch and parts of the Naxxramas attack has been ongoing. The developers regard this raid and the game's "Scourge Invasion" as part of the Blue Post of World of Warcraft, which will be unlocked simultaneously in all areas of the world on December 3.

As soon as Blizzard's action came out, the time of the team raid in the latest classic Raid version was closer to the Vanilla WOW Gold players' expectations. On November 23, Shadowlands will go live shortly after its release.

October 27 is the Cheap WOW Classic Gold original release date of Shadowlands, and its postponed release is far closer to any Classic raid version than other retail content. Prior to this, Blizzard was used to separating the content of the two games in order to prevent overlap. But in fact, there are still people who hope that Naxxramas can be released earlier than the World of Warcraft timetable.

So far, Blizzard has released Raid at almost the same time when the game was first released. In vanilla, Naxxramas was released on June 20, 2006, 24 weeks after the release of Temple of Ahn'Qiraj (AQ).

The release time of the raid before and after the holiday is a potential cause of this discrepancy. If Blizzard abandons Naxx in a few months, then the time for the raid will be around Christmas and New Year. To be honest, developers will not do that.

The way modern players can browse content more easily than in the mid-2000s is another reason for this difference.

The senior guild can delete the entire team in Classic in just a few hours, and since then, they have begun to provide loot for the boss. This Classic strategy is more adaptable to players than the 2005 strategy.The game World of Warcraft has made players crazy for many years, and players can relax themselves in the game. In the game, players have a great demand for WOW ClassicGold, but there are few ways to get WOW Classic Gold, so now they can order WOW Classic Gold on this high-quality MMOWTS website.