Juice Production Line Profit Maximization

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Juice Production Line Profit Maximization

Posted By chirty jimei     December 6, 2018    


The production of milk powder is mainly whole milk powder (light milk powder), full fat plus sugar powder (sweet milk powder), skim milk powder and formulated milk powder. They are all produced by the spray drying method of the Milk Powder Making Machine. Its production process and production methods are as follows:

(1) Process flow

Acceptance of raw milk → pretreatment and standardization of milk → sterilization of milk → concentration → spray drying → cooling → packaging → finished product.

(2) Production points

1 Acceptance and standardization of raw milk The raw milk is standardized after it has passed the sensory, physical and chemical properties and microbial indicators. The purpose of standardization is to adjust the fat content so that the finished fat is consistent with the fat-free dry matter content.

2 Concentration Milk is concentrated under vacuum to save energy consumption and improve the solubility and preservation of milk powder. When producing milk powder, the raw milk is generally concentrated to 1/4 of the original volume, and the dry matter content of the milk is about 40% to 45%.

3 spray drying spray drying is the use of a centrifuge or reaction force through a sprayer to disperse the milk into a mist of milk droplets, greatly increasing the contact area with the hot air, the water in the milk will evaporate in an instant, fog The droplets are dried to form spherical particles that fall into the bottom of the drying chamber. The water vapor is carried away by the hot air and discharged from the air outlet of the drying chamber. The whole process takes only 15 to 30 minutes.

4 Cooling and packaging The temperature of the milk powder coming out of the drying tower is about 60-70 °C. The milk powder packaged at high temperature is easy to separate the fat, and fine flakes composed of fat and protein are formed on the surface during the preparation. Therefore, the milk powder should be cooled to below 40 °C before packaging. If the packaged milk powder is cooled below 30 °C, it should be packaged. Milk powder is very easy to absorb moisture during the cooling and packaging process. When the milk powder absorbs moisture, it will cause its solubility to decrease, and its protein and fat will be easily oxidized, resulting in oxidative taste. Therefore, the relative humidity of the workshop for cooling, storing and packaging milk powder should be below 75%.

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