Are You Planning a Program for Funeral Order of Service?

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  • What Should You Know by Funeral Order of Service?
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Are You Planning a Program for Funeral Order of Service?

Posted By orderofservice forfuneral     May 23    


Each funeral ceremony style has its own unique order of service design format for the funeral program. Many elements of a religious service are shared throughout churches of different denominations, while others are unique to each.


Each religion has its own rituals and customs, so it is important to talk to the host church about the funeral's exact template funeral order of service.


For instance, the mass of order of service funeral templates in the Catholic Church consists of a viewing, communion, and ceremony at the grave site.


Participants of a Catholic funeral are expected to actively engage in the service by choosing readings and singing hymns.




The print funeral order of service should provide lyrics to any songs that will be sung so that guests who are unfamiliar with them can follow along.


The speech can be given first, instead of a message or reading from the Bible. The opening reading can be given by the officiant or a close friend. Those in attendance who desire to do so may do so within a certain period set out for sharing memories of the deceased. A video slideshow presentation is another option for remembering the deceased by looking back on his life through images.


The memorial table serves as a collage display for photos, and additional photos can be put on a bulletin board-style display. Do not forget to include these things in your funeral preparations so that you can create a physical memorial.


Whether a funeral is religious or secular, the funeral booklet will typically reflect the deceased's beliefs and ideals. Prelude funeral music is traditionally played before the officiant, who is usually a member of the clergy or a pastor, gives an opening welcome or speech. A member of the close family may also end up assisting the officiant at the memorial service.



There may be a few passages read aloud from the Old and New Testaments of the Bible during a religious session. Readings of funeral poetry or a cherished written work are only two examples of what might be done at a funeral that does not involve a religious ceremony. There may be a few moments of quiet built into the funeral service's structure to allow mourners to reflect on the life of the deceased and read the obituary. There will also be an opportunity for those who knew the deceased and were touched by their life to share their thoughts and feelings about the person and the impact they had on them.


The priest could say everything that needs to be said during the funeral, but then no one else would be able to share their memories of the deceased. Everyone should say something to the group regarding what the departed meant to them personally.


Include the times and persons who will be speaking, singing, reading, serving, praying, and sharing. The funeral order of service printing is crucial since it tells everyone what to expect and helps them get there on time. Based on what is included, the sequence may be conducive to religious or secular observances.