How to Achieve Your Dream Wedding Look With Diamond Jewelry

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How to Achieve Your Dream Wedding Look With Diamond Jewelry

Posted By Jennifer Barkati     May 24, 2023    


They say diamonds are a lady's best friend, and so is this rose gold bangle bracelet by Daniel William Diamonds. But your wallet may disagree with that notion sometimes. So how do you achieve your dream wedding look with affordable diamond jewelry? – Don't worry; we are here to help you with that!

What are all the things that you will learn from this blog, you ask? – We will start with some interesting facts to help you save some serious bucks while shopping for wedding jewelry. Then, we will give you some essential tips to ensure you buy the 'right' jewelry. 

Lastly, we will show you some fantastic budget-friendly pieces, such as these 18k rose gold earrings you can add to your cart for your big day! So without further ado, let's jump right into it!


How to Plan a Budget for Your Wedding Jewelry?

While shopping for their wedding, most brides-to-be invest too much time and money in the dress. While the dress is an essential part of the big day, so is the jewelry.

Experts suggest you take out 4-5% of your wedding budget for the wedding bands. But what about the other jewelry pieces? – Well, we suggest you take another 5-6% of your total budget for the rest of the jewelry pieces, including your earrings, bracelet, and bridal tiara or necklace if you plan on having any of these. 


Jewelry Buying Facts and Hacks to Save Money


Compromise on the Diamond Cut


So, what do you understand by the 'cut' of a diamond? – It simply means how a diamond cutter must cut the rough stone retrieved from the mine to turn it into the beautiful diamond you can place on your fingers.

Understandably, this cutting process turns most of the discarded rough diamond pieces into scrap. Meaning it is now unusable for any jewelry. This is why specific diamond shapes, like a brilliantly-cut round diamond, cost much more than a cushion-cut diamond of the same size. 

We recommend using broader diamond shapes like princess or cushion cuts. This will make your wedding ring appear much bigger and help you save some serious bucks while bagging one!

Opt For 14K or 18K Gold Instead of Platinum

Metal is the second most costly part of any diamond jewelry piece. One way to not compromise on the cut of the diamond of your wedding ring is to compromise on the metal.

Platinum is often overrated. While it looks stunning and timeless with its highly polished silver hue, 14k or 18k white Gold can look just as good. So if you want to cut the budget without compromising on the looks, go for Gold instead of platinum.

Go for Clusters Instead of Solitaires 

Not only are clustered diamond ring settings gaining popularity, but they are also breathtakingly beautiful - and surprise… MUCH CHEAPER!

Why are they cheaper than solitaires, you ask? – Simply because they are made from the leftovers of the bigger diamonds. That is why they are cost-effective and can be stacked together in muti-layer structures without breaking the bank!

Clustered ring-setting designs like this round diamond engagement ring from Daniel William Diamonds will rule the wedding scenes this year! Not only do they look gorgeous, but their shine is also incomparable. 

Choose Lab-Grown Diamonds

If you like the idea of making sustainability a part of your wedding day, go for lab-grown diamond jewelry. Because they are not mined, lab-grown diamonds are more sustainable and cost less than natural diamonds. 

While we understand that your wedding ring may not be the jewelry piece, you are willing to compromise on. You can always go with lab-grown diamonds in the case for the rest of your wedding day jewelry, like a bracelet or a necklace. 

Buy Earlier to Buy Cheaper

It is always a good idea to buy jewelry earlier. Most people get married or engaged during the festive season. If your wedding day is going to be any day in the peak wedding season, jewelry prices will likely go up by then.

So shopping for jewelry months before your wedding day is helpful when you want to save some pennies. Diamond prices continue to rise as festive seasons approach, so the earlier you buy your jewelry, the better price you may get!

Tips to Ensure You Are Buying the Right Jewelry

Choose Your Jewelry Before Your Wedding Gown

Against popular opinion, choosing your jewelry before your wedding dress can be more beneficial. The main reason behind this is when you choose jewelry that pairs well with a specific dress, it becomes difficult pairing it with other outfits. 

When you find jewelry that can pair well with various dresses, you might reuse it or rent it to your friends and family. This makes the jewelry much more functional and saves money and time. As you don't need to find a specific style that suits a specific gown. 

Make Sure It Goes Well With Your Complexion

You might have heard the terms "warm, cool, or neutral undertones." What these essentially mean is what color your veins are. If you have blue veins, you are cool skin toned. If you have olive or green-colored veins, your skin tone is warm. You might be neutral skin-toned if your veins are neither blue nor green. 

Cooler colors pair well with cool skin-toned people, whereas warmer shades pair well with warm skin tones. So take time, and try out different shades in jewelry to find out which metal tint and gems best suit your skin.

Ensure It Complements Your Wedding Theme

The right jewelry will bring together all the elements of your wedding theme. Suppose your wedding theme is floral or a winter wonderland. -- In that case, your wedding day jewelry must depict essential elements which reflect your wedding theme.

Don't Overdo It - Keep It Simple

"Less is more" is never truer than it is on your wedding day. The most beautiful ornament a bride can wear on her wedding day is the sparkle in her eyes, the smile on her lips, and the glow on her face.

So make sure you wear enough jewelry to show that you are wearing the jewelry and not that the jewelry is wearing you. 

Choose Comfort Over Bling

Always choose your comfort over style. Do not wear heavy or bulky jewelry just because it's your wedding day. Don't choose anything that pokes, itches, or fits too tight. 

Remember that you only get this day once, so choose your comfort over the unnecessary bling. You can always wear those massive diamonds for photos, but you might not want them hindering you on the dance floor. 

Three Irresistible Wedding Jewelry Pieces by Daniel William Diamonds

Pear Brilliant Diamond Tear Necklace

This beautiful pear diamond necklace will surely stun its way through your big day. Studded with 15.00ct Pear-cut diamonds, this gorgeous piece is meant to be worn by a beautiful bride like yourself. The platinum base of this necklace gives it a modern-day look paired with an old-time romantic aesthetic. 

Two-Prong Round Diamond Tennis Bracelet

A delicate rose gold bangle bracelet for a delicate rose like you. This bracelet is available in various carat weights and metal options between yellow/rose/white Gold. The beautiful round-cut diamonds are set in a delicate two-prong setting. This bracelet exudes luxury and femininity.

Lava - 18k Rose Gold Earrings

These beautiful 18k rose gold earrings will keep all eyes on you. As you walk down the aisle with these delicate earrings, your eyes will surely sparkle with joy and a hopeful tomorrow. You can get these 14k or 18k gold earrings in yellow, rose, or white gold.

Summing up, all of these tips and tricks will surely lead you to the perfect jewelry to make your big day perfect. Lastly, let us know your thoughts on this blog in the comments below. Tell us if you enjoyed reading this, and follow us for more amazing blogs.

Did you enjoy these jewelry pieces by Daniel William Diamonds? Which one did you love the most? – Let's talk more about it in the comments below!