Twelve Questions About The Use Of TCT Circular Saw Blades

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Twelve Questions About The Use Of TCT Circular Saw Blades

Posted By jeeja tools     November 5, 2020    


(1) How to grind the saw blade

The quality of the grinding saw blade directly affects the service life of the saw blade, and good grinding should be performed on fully automatic equipment. The grinding wheel should not be fed too fast, and the grinding time should be no less than 30 minutes.

(2) Saw blade sweeps material during sawing return

Cause: The equipment clicks on the main shaft to jump, or the saw blade substrate swings a lot.

(3) Why are there burrs?

The alloy of the saw blade is not sharp, and burrs will occur when the cutting cannot be continued. When burrs appear, grinding is required.

(4) What are the hazards of inferior saw blades

Short cutting time, frequent replacement, waste of time. The accuracy is not up to standard, and material is wasted. The main shaft and motor of Fu equipment are damaged greatly and the equipment life is shortened. Poor safety and easy to hurt people.

(5) Why are there scratches on the cutting section

There are many reasons for scratches: impurities in materials, saw blade defects, equipment motor and spindle deviation, etc.

(6) Why does tooth loss (alloy shedding) occur?

The shedding of the alloy is caused by inferior solder tabs or welding equipment. High-quality solder blades should have three layers of silver, copper, and silver, while low-quality saw blades have only two layers of silver and copper.

(7) Why does the saw blade stick to the teeth?

Sticking of teeth is usually caused by the mismatch between the feed speed of the saw blade and the equipment power meter, and should be selected according to the equipment power and cutting material.

(8) Why do broken teeth (alloy fracture) occur?

Broken teeth are usually due to the large rake angle of the saw blade, which will significantly increase the first service life, but the service life will be significantly reduced after grinding, and at the same time increase the safety risk of the user. In addition, uneven materials may also cause tooth chipping.

(9) The service life of the saw blade is short

The saw blade uses low-quality steel plate or alloy, the saw blade does not match the equipment or profile, and the saw blade design is unreasonable.

(10) How to choose the right saw blade

The user should provide the status of the equipment and the grade of the cutting material/shape of the interface agent. The high-quality saw blade looks good: the tooth welding position is uniform, and the alloy is bright and sharp. At the same time, label the manufacturer's information for after-sales service.

(11) The upper corner of the door and window after cutting

When the saw blade is in an oblique working state (45 degrees or 22.2 degrees), the requirements for the saw blade base (steel plate) are very high. Inferior steel plates cannot work well in the state of chamfering.

(12) Calculation method of the service life of saw blade

Life = sawing times * interface agent. The number of sawing times = the number of new saw blades + the number of cuttings after grinding to scrap. Inferior saw blades have only a 5-15% reduction in the number of cuts after each grinding. Inferior products will drop by more than 50%.

The above are some questions and answers about the use of TCT Circular Saw Blades.