The latest situation about World of Warcraft
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    • Last updated November 5, 2020
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The latest situation about World of Warcraft

Posted By Eloise Smith     November 5, 2020    


Blizzard's team spent several months conducting a comprehensive test of World of Warcraft. For World of Warcraft Classic, the hard work of the players can be seen on the PTR. In order to make everything as consistent as possible, Blizzard tested the raid leader of Naxxramas.

We conducted a lot of testing on the retail servers of World of Warcraft Shadowlands. Blizzard can ensure that the Classic WOW Gold release of pre-patches and the deployment of natural disasters are fully optimized within a week.

We also tested the Cheap WOW Classic Gold Mythic difficulty of Castle Nathria, which is the first raid that the player will conduct in Shadowlands. After they return, we will need to do more tests. This is one of the biggest challenges brought by expansion that deserves our attention.

An endless form of endgame is called Torghast, Tower of the Dead. Players challenge Torghast to win some unique rewards and required materials. But the most important thing is the little bit of eternal torment that can be obtained.

Blizzard said that they have found fun in Torghast, and now they need to adjust the difficulty. Next, they expect more Beta testers to enter the tower and kill the jailer's power.

This test is very suitable for Beta players. Ordinary people in the game must be invited to enter the test.

Experienced Torghast players are suitable for the fourth layer of the game, here will provide you with reasonable challenges. Blizzard hopes that players can surpass it as much as possible when playing 4-6 layers.World of Warcraft Shadowlands will be released after a series of tests, all of which make players look forward to it. Players can win in the game, which requires actual support. WOW Classic Gold on MMOWTS can help players to win the game better.