Think About Buying a 40 Feet GP Shipping Container? Here Is the Useful Guide

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Think About Buying a 40 Feet GP Shipping Container? Here Is the Useful Guide

Posted By Tradecorp Shipping Container Sales     May 28, 2023    


There are several sizes of shipping containers ranging from 20’, 40’, and 40’ HC. Before making a decision, understand the dimensions, materials, and features or add-ons on our 40 ft general-purpose shipping container.

What is a 40’ GP Shipping Container?

A 40' sea container is one popular type among all the types. The container is twice the size of 20 feet type which contains larger heavy loads to transport across the sea. They have sturdy materials as what is in the 20’ containers, such as Corten steel walls, plywood flooring, and a well-built roof. The 40ft sea containers also include two doors and four locking bars. They normally function to transport dry goods or heavy materials.

40’ GP Shipping Container Specifications

A 40-foot sea container dimension is 40' long x 8' wide x 8'6” high. According to industry standards, a 40' shipping container can typically fit a two- to three-bedroom apartment or two standard passenger vehicles. However, take a look at the 40 ft GP shipping container sample below for exact measurement:


A 40-foot container has twice the capacity load of a 20-foot shipping container. They contain a maximum load of 59,660 lbs with a tare weight of 7,540 lbs. The volume measurement of a 40-foot dry container is 2.386 cu ft or 67.6 m³. The 40 feet shipping containers have sturdy corten steel and other non-corrosive materials, which has a longer lifespan and weather resistance. They have marine-grade plywood flooring which suits heavy materials. A 40 feet container can also transform into large storage or multiple functions when no longer used. Some alternatives for sea container usage are a shed, a pop-up shop or bar, or an extra warehouse, which makes it a great future investment.

Features and Add-ons


This 40-foot dry container has easy open doors, air vents, a locking box, and a forklift pocket. The lock box that includes the backside of the doors helps to prevent thieves from cutting the lock. The metal cover helps to stop any tools from breaking in. Meanwhile, the air vents on both sides of the wall function to regulate temperature and humidity. Shippers won't have to worry about their goods going bad. The 40’ sea container is also furnished with plywood flooring, a tough option that is easy to install on any kind of platform. The forklift pockets on the bottom side rail help the forklift to pick up and move the storage containers in and around the port. All these features embedded in the 40’ shipping containers will make all the work done untroubled.

Considering a 40’ GP Shipping Container

Carrying out transactions online could make you hesitant sometimes, but Tradecorp will put your mind at ease. All of our teams will be very helpful to get the deals done with a reliable and ethical business from the start. To assure that you are completely aware of what you are paying for before making any agreements, our rates and fees are disclosed up front while you may have some offers for purchasing in large quantities.

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