Blizzard resumes testing changes to World of Warcraft
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    • Last updated November 8, 2020
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Blizzard resumes testing changes to World of Warcraft

Posted By Eloise Smith     November 8, 2020    


Many players have focused on World of Warcraft Shadowlands in the past two months. This Cheap WOW Classic Gold upcoming version is completely different from the retail version of World of Warcraft. They need to be well prepared for the Naxxramas, the last raid level of the upcoming Classic title. They will also provide some convenience for those who have not yet conquered Ahn'qiraj.

In the battlefield and Player-vs-Player content, Blizzard still has many shortcomings. Recently, they are preparing to maintain the World of Warcraft Classic Gold title of the battlefield. Focus on the maintenance of the Warsong Canyon and the Arathi Basin battlefield under those two microscopes. Alterac Valley has relaxed its vigilance, and no patch notes have appeared.

Those changes are actually to solve certain terrain that players have been using, and eliminate some unfair advantages in the competition.

Blizzard said that in order to help try to solve certain terrain vulnerabilities in the Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin, they are making adjustments and bug fixes to the last few versions of World of Warcraft Classic PTR. Blizzard also mentioned the "unintended consequences" to Warsong Canyon in the announcement, and also reversed most of the changes.

None of these attempts ushered in success, but they are still trying to solve them. Blizzard said that players can help them test the changes again because the latest PTR version of Classic has all the versions and adjustments.

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