What is a towel embroidery machine?

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What is a towel embroidery machine?

Posted By zhiyu zhiyu     November 9, 2020    


The towel embroidery machine is based on the flat embroidery machine, adding a towel embroidery device to provide technical support for customers' diversified designs.

Usually, towel embroidery machines use three servo motors: the main shaft and the D axis. H-axis The spindle always rotates in one direction, and the needle moves up and down through the mechanical cam mechanism. Generally, the upper and lower needles of the towel embroidery machine exceed 500 times per minute, while the flat embroidery machine exceeds 1,000 times per minute.

The D axis is used to adjust the direction of the needle tip, and it will be adjusted every time the needle goes up and down. The H axis is used for color change and threading. The positioning pin is used to automatically switch between color change and threading. After threading, the shaft ensures that the thread feed direction is perpendicular to the direction of the thread hook, and the needle moves up and down every time.

Main features:

① High-speed sound reduction design: Each part of the main mechanism uses advanced technology to achieve high-level control, high-speed, and silent

② Selection function: can automatically switch the machine head, easy to perform sophisticated mixed embroidery and ordinary flat embroidery

③ Improve efficiency: a machine can realize difficult and complex processes, greatly improving production efficiency

④ Wide range of applications: widely used in the processing of finished and semi-finished products of fashion, sweaters and various embroidery fabrics

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