OSRS \u2013 The Restless Ghost Quest Guide

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OSRS – The Restless Ghost Quest Guide

Posted By wlw John     November 12, 2020    


If you only have a short time to find a breakthrough in OSRS gold and glory, then your "Uneasy Ghost" mission is definitely an adventure and will not cost you too much time and energy.

Many players explore that Cheap OSRS GP purchases can help meet certain mission requirements, but since this is a short mission of OSRS, it is really unnecessary.

To begin the Restless Ghost quest, visit the Lumbridge chapel and meet with Father Dereck. You will be inspired to speak with Father Urhney, who is able to be found in a very house on the west of Lumbridge Swamp. Head south on the castle before you reach the swamps, then head west. You will find Father Urhney. You are going to be given an amulet of Ghostspeak, useful to talk to your ghost involved, even though it is also a handy OSRS item to possess in general for other Old School Runescape quests. Head back to Lumbridge and visit the graveyard, the place you will find a small house nearby, using a marble coffin inside which you need to travel to.

Before checking the coffin, make sure you have equipped the Ghostspeak amulet. A ghost will reveal that his skull is missing and ask you to simply retrieve it. The skull is in the mansion south of Draynor Village. Go there and lower the ladder you found near the entrance. You will find an altar, so even if you are attacked by bones, try to find it to get the ghost skull. You can kill it or run for it, so no matter which one you choose, you can return to Lembridge Cemetery after this.

Speak to your ghost just as before, and the man will request that you simply put the skull from the coffin, so utilize the skull about it to grant the ghost rest. His spirit will vanish in the river, therefore completing your adventure. The task is relatively simple, so the rewards are relatively small. There are many OSRS GP For Sale on the Internet. If you need more rewards, I still recommend you buy some gold, which will be faster.

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