How To Avoid Tooth Chipping When Using TCT Circular Saw Blades

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How To Avoid Tooth Chipping When Using TCT Circular Saw Blades

Posted By jeeja tools     November 12, 2020    


TCT Circular Saw Blades everyone knows that the number of teeth of this kind of saw blade is still relatively large, but the number of teeth of the saw blade can not be too much. A reasonable number of teeth should be arranged according to the thickness of the sawing material, but what should be done in the process of use To avoid its tooth chipping, let's take a look below.

(1) When operating the saw blade, it must be operated strictly in accordance with its regulations.

(2) After the aluminum saw blade is installed, it needs to be pre-rotated for about one minute, and the cutting operation can be carried out after the standby device enters the working state.

(3) When the saw blade is not sharp during use, the saw teeth must be ground before use to avoid tooth chipping due to the lack of sharpness.

(4) If there is an abnormal sound, abnormal shaking or uneven cutting surface during use, please stop the operation immediately and find the cause of the abnormality. If necessary, replace the saw blade in time.

(5) For the installation of the saw blade, it is necessary to check whether the main shaft of the cutting machine has runout before installation, and tighten the saw blade with a flange and a nut during installation.

(6) After installation, you must first check whether the center hole of the saw blade is firmly fixed on the flange of the table. If there is a gasket, you must cover the gasket and buy it and gently push the saw blade by hand to confirm whether the rotation is eccentric.