November update: Animal Crossing: New Horizons adds data transmission and expansion functions

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November update: Animal Crossing: New Horizons adds data transmission and expansion functions

Posted By Amy Stephen     November 21, 2020    



November is full of expectations for fans of AC New Horizons, because Christmas and Thanksgiving, Turkey Day, and Toy Day will be held in the next two months. In the next update, the surprise is not limited to the festive atmosphere, Nintendo will introduce saved data transfer and expansion for you to store in the game.

From November 26th, a sumptuous dinner will be held in the town square, and players will be able to get gifts through help. In the Christmas event from December 1 to 25, players will be able to collect decorations from the trees to create new seasonal items, and will also provide holiday-themed decorations and costumes. ACBellsbuy almost follows the official footsteps of the game, adding and enriching the ACNH Buy Items products at the fastest speed.

The festival brings a carnival, and what players have been waiting for for a long time is the save data transfer function. Through the save data transfer function, you can transfer the entire island and all the residents to another system. The free Island Transfer Tool application in the Nintendo eShop will facilitate the service.

For players who are not representatives of the residents of the island, the single-player transfer function allows you to transfer resident data to another system. These include the names of residents, appearance and equipment, as well as inventory, houses and warehouses. Additional details about the advantages and limitations of these new data transfer services

For those who have paid off their debts in the game, the maximum storage space has now been expanded to 2,400 slots. The update also introduces 9 new reactions and 6 new hairstyles. There are many ways to pay off debts. If you don't have too much time for the game, you can also quickly Buy Bells Animal Crossing at ACBellsbuy, then you can also try various new and new features just like non-debt players.

In order to provide players with the latest items in time, ACBellsBuy provides ACNH Items Including Animal Crossing DIY, Animal Crossing theme, Animal Crossing Villagers, players can feel happy and relaxed just like in New Horizons even if they don’t buy any products. Enjoy the fun of shopping. Although the ACNH items we sell are very cheap, when you buy the Animal Crossing theme package, you will find that the price is low and the service is very trustworthy.