Know Factors For Car Assembly Line

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Know Factors For Car Assembly Line

Posted By ri mei     November 24, 2020    


The first is the height of the wave crest. This degree should be properly grasped. Too high of the assembly line will cause too much tin stacking and even damage the components, while too low will cause the occurrence of missing soldering. Generally speaking, the height of the wave crest is the best for the circuit board Between one-half and three-half of the thickness. Secondly, it is the soldering temperature. The soldering temperature referred to here is simply the temperature when the solder is touched by the molten solder. The control of this temperature is very important. If the temperature is not reached, it will cause the solder joints. Not bright, and there will be titles such as virtual welding. If the temperature is too high, it will cause the circuit board to deform.

The car assembly line is a useful combination of humans and machines, which fully reflects the flexibility of the equipment. It combines the delivery system, accompanying fixtures, online special planes, and inspection equipment to meet the delivery requirements of a variety of commodities. The assembly line has several fundamental characteristics: successively high efficiency, balance, simple one-way, dominance, dominance and other advantages. The production process of the assembly line is repeated one after another according to a certain tempo, with a strong rhythm. In the middle, there is usually no permission to stop. Therefore, too long waiting time for finished products and processing intermittent time of equipment are not allowed at all. Therefore, the amount of time that the assembly line is stopped due to various disturbing factors (such as the quality of parts, material distribution bans or wrong materials often cause the line to stop) is usually used as a production summary evaluation index to measure the assembly line or production homework.

The production capacity of each process on the assembly line is balanced and proportional. App development is not permitted for bottlenecks. The material required for production must be delivered on time, on time, and qualified according to the rhythm. Various auxiliary processes and materials for production Distribution activities are carried out around the assembly line. Raw materials and parts must be distributed on the line from each district according to the request. Then the goods on the line are moving, the workers are relatively fixed, and the assembly line is the "served." . On the assembly line, the degree of specialization of each process (called the operation center in production) is very high. Each process is arranged in the order of the process of the product, and each process only completes one or a few tasks.

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