Production Method of Rubber Extruder Machine Is Introduced

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Production Method of Rubber Extruder Machine Is Introduced

Posted By na bai     November 24, 2020    


The rubber extruder machine mainly plays the role of extrusion molding in the production of rubber products, that is to say, the rubber extruder processes the banburying and smelting rubber and then extrudes it into the product shape we need. Produced the production of the product. The feeding system of cold-feed rubber extruder is common to use side pressure roller to forcibly convey the processed rubber to the screw barrel for feeding, so as to ensure the supply of raw materials during the working process of the rubber extruder. However, some rubbers are special, such as butyl rubber, which is softer and more viscous. If this rubber is used in traditional feeding methods, it will cause rubber to stick to the transmission bearing and cause damage to the rubber extruder. Therefore, when we produce butyl rubber, we mostly use rubber equipment specially designed for butyl rubber. Most butyl rubber extruders are equipped with double-wrist conjugate feeding seats to feed the rubber in a bite manner to achieve the effect of feeding. Butyl rubber is forced to eat the rubber into the barrel through the double-wrist conjugate feeding system. After that, it will be sheared, mixed and compressed by the screw in the barrel. Finally, the rubber The die of the extruder is extruded into the product shape we need. The rubber extruder is extruded in this way.