What is an Identity Verification API?

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What is an Identity Verification API?

Posted By Eldon Broady     November 25, 2020    


With the various compliance and security measures that businesses have to deal with, it can be hard to make sure to program and implement these measures in a smooth and seamless manner. Fortunately, various ID verification APIs have been built to make this process much simpler for businesses and organizations. Click here for more information on id verification API.

What to Look for when Researching an ID Verification API

Integrating an ID verification API is an important decision, so you don’t want to choose one that doesn’t work with your business or that would affect your usual processes. When searching for the right ID verification API for your business, make sure that includes features like:

  • KYC Compliance - a good API makes sure your system is collecting information that complies with KYC and CIP regulations. Easily and securely verifying metrics like name, birth date, SSN, and more is essential.
  • Anti-Fraud Measures - Your API should be able to identify real users through a phone number check.
  • Verify Addresses - A ID Verification API needs to be able to see associated addresses for a customer.
  • Age Verification - If you’re selling age-restricted products, you need to be able to verify age.
  • Flexibility - Your ID Verification API should seamlessly integrate with your existing processes and industry standards.
  • User Experience - Users should feel like their information is being collected securely and the information collection process also shouldn’t cause them any frustration or hardship. An API that makes the process simple for the user ensures your conversion rate doesn’t drop.

Finding the Right ID Verification API for Your Organization

In the end, it’s up to you as a business to decide what is the best API for your needs.  There are plenty of APIs out there, but not every API offers all of the essential features that we’ve listed here. Make sure to do research and find the solution that works best for your organization. It’s important to comply with KYC and other regulations, so a seamless solution that plays nice with your existing structure while meeting these strict compliance measures will be the best and fastest way to keep things moving.

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