Reasons to choose BJJ belts and rash guard

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Reasons to choose BJJ belts and rash guard

Posted By Fighter's Market     July 5, 2023    


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, or BJJ is a martial art of Japanese origin in which levers, twists, and pressures are used to knock down the opponent and dominate him. The brazilian jiu jitsu belts system is highly regarded and for a good reason. In contrast to many other martial arts, where rank advancements can be attained quickly and frequently with minimal practical requirements, the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu system could be more flexible and easier to follow.
Unless you "bought" it from a slime instructor or gave it to yourself, you know that a belt holder typically possesses the required level of competence. Reaching the Dan (black belt) level can take more than ten years and calls for both technical know-how and demonstrated combat process.
Competition experience is also often expected. And since there are only a few belts, you will spend a lot of time on each. Also, your progress will be dynamic. You can spend 1 year in one belt and 5 years in another. It is hardly unexpected that the community attacks anyone who tampers with such a demanding and rewarding institution.
What is BJJ rash guard?
BJJ rash guards are made of very durable material. This material wicks away sweat and can withstand the daily challenges of BJJ and MMA training. You don't have to use a protective cover if you don't want to. However, it is highly recommended to try it because its use during your training gives you all the benefits for your performance. 
The BJJ Rash Guard features some rather obvious variances when it comes to its purpose and function while initially resembling compression clothing:
A compression shirt is an apparel that keeps your body warm and comfortable while you exercise and engage in other physical activities. It should exert pressure on your body because it fits well, enhancing blood flow and boosting the oxygen your muscles receive.
This sounds like some good stuff that can improve your performance in BJJ and MMA. But here's the problem: compression shirts are not designed for hard martial arts. The compression jacket can be damaged and subject to rapid wear if the bodies are frequently shaken and rubbed. It might be usable for numerous sessions. 
Types of BJJ Rashguards
You can choose from two types of rash remedies, as you can see here. It is better to select a rash guard that matches your desire.
Benefits of long sleeve rashguards 
  • Women's rash guard bjj provides better protection against staph and infections as it covers a large body area. 
  • The best protection against mat burns when exercising without a gi, as well as friction burns caused by the gi. 
  • The entire upper body remains dry, including the forearms.
Benefits of short sleeve rashguards
  • Cool to wear during hot workouts
  • Easier to escape - the opponent has less friction and less grip to hold you as you get on your way.
  • Easier to Choke - There is no material or friction to interfere with your ability to sink into the choke. This will make it easier for you to avoid nasty chokes from different positions.